Chapter 11

Disaster Strikes

“Are you sure?” DiamondMan0204 asked FlamingArrows with a worried expression. “I don’t think he’s real at all, but I do trust my friend. Maybe it was just a player who disguised himself has Herobrine by making his name Herobrine.” FlamingArrows shook her head. “No. I s-saw his white eyes.” she stammered. “L-Let’s wait until he l-leaves.” They had, in fact, seen Herobrine in the cave. He had come to escape from the Nether and find the rest of King Skull’s army for help when he attacked MidnightFlame027’s army. DiamondMan and FlamingArrows suddenly heard an ear-rattling cry and immediately knew who was talking to Herobrine. “How in the world did Herobrine bring a ghast from the Nether?!?” DiamondMan whispered. “Shh! Listen to what they’re saying!” FlamingArrows demanded. The ghast floated into a large opening in the cave to get more space; Ghasts were very big, especially this one. Herobrine laughed. “My assistant can be bribed so easily. He doesn’t know that after he carries out my evil plan do destroy MidnightFlame and his puny army of users, I will destroy him just as I did our allies.” DiamondMan shivered as Herobrine chuckled evilly. “When are we going to bring the other nether mobs into the nether?” The ghast asked Herobrine. “As soon as I can, Tentacles. You know that bringing nether mobs to the overworld takes up a lot of my strength. I will have to rest to regain my strength. Tomorrow, I will bring the other mobs into the overworld.” And with that, both Herobrine and Tentacles collapsed onto the stone floor. The glow from Herobrine’s white eyes soon vanished as he began to fall asleep, and DiamondMan and FlamingArrows were left in total darkness. DiamondMan stepped out of the hole and lit a torch. FlamingArrows and him were in shock. “I can’t believe it!” FlamingArrows shouted in disbelief. “Herobrine is bringing the nether mobs into the overworld. Everyone is doomed!” “Quiet down, you might wake them!” DiamondMan ordered. “Didn’t he say his goal was to destroy MidnightFlame and his army of users? We have to warn them!” FlamingArrows sighed. “But we don’t know who or where they are!” she said doubtfully. DiamondMan smirked. “I see you haven’t been catching up on you history,” he chuckled. “Just about a week ago, a team of users led by someone named DarknessWarrior defeated a massive attack from King Skull’s army. It was so big that they decided to call it the Great Mob Invasion and was passed down into the history book.” FlamingArrows shook her head. “I guess I haven’t been catching up on my history,” she chuckled. “But how does that relate to MidnightFlame?” DiamondMan continued his story. “Right after the Great Mob Invasion, DarknessWarrior betrayed his army, so the users had to vote for a new leader, who, of course, became MidnightFlame. Now I’m guessing that Herobrine got angry at them for defeating King Skull’s army and decided to lead an attack on his own. And, luckily, I know the exact location of their base, so we can warn them about Herobrine!” “And this ‘SuperCreeper’ they are using,” FlamingArrows added. “He probably has a big part in the attack too.” FlamingArrows stepped back. “Okay, history guy, you lead the way to MidnightFlame’s not-so-secret base,” she said with a laugh.


Chapter 12

The Mysterious Skeleton

DiamondMan0204 and FlamingArrows had almost forgotten to trade the diamonds for the ruby with TheBlacksmith, but DiamondMan remembered right before they set off on their journey. They walked into the Trading Post and weren’t surprised to see TheBlacksmith examining his mysterious ruby. “We’re back,” FlamingArrows said. “And we have twenty-three diamonds to trade for that ruby.” She looked at DiamondMan. “Why do we want this ruby anyways?” she asked. DiamondMan was about to change his mind about the ruby, when TheBlacksmith said, “No, you shouldn’t change your mind. While you were out mining, I figured out that this ruby has magic powers that can really help you on your journey.” DiamondMan and FlamingArrows looked at each other in shock. “How do you know about our journey?” DiamondMan asked. “All thanks to this ruby,” he said with a smile. FlamingArrows immediately gave him the diamonds and took the ruby. “Thank you very much. This will be very helpful during our journey.” And off they went on their long journey to warn MidnightFlame027 about the huge nether attack.

* * * * *

DiamondMan0204 and FlamingArrows eventually found out that the ruby helped them stay at full strength and not grow tired, so the pair took turns holding the ruby while they walked. DiamondMan would occasionally take out the history book to see if he was going the right way, but all was well, there were no harsh mobs or armies that they had trouble with; no more than the occasional zombie or spider, which they defeated in seconds. The journey was very long. Days passed, but thanks to the ruby, they never grew tired. Finally, on the fifth day, they reached something. FlamingArrows started to examine the place. It looked like a large temple built into a cave. “This does not look like anything you described that MidnightFlame’s village would look like.” DiamondMan sighed. “Yep. We went the wrong way. But this place does look familiar…” FlamingArrows suddenly interrupted him. “I know what this place is! This is King Skull’s palace!” she shouted excitedly. “But where are all the mobs?””Oh, the mobs all ran in fright at the first sight of my glowing white eyes.” a voice suddenly said in the background. Someone stepped out of the shadows, and FlamingArrows and DiamondMan immediately recognized his voice, but were not expecting to see a skeleton. It was a skeleton with glowing white eyes. “I have seen you’re good works, you two. But know your life shall abruptly come to a stop. But first, before our battle begins, let me introduce myself; I know my name will ring a bell for you, DiamondMan. I know you’ve been ahead in you history.” DiamondMan was very frightened. How did this skeleton know all this? And why did he have those strange white eyes? They looked a lot like Herobrine’s white eyes, so was there something about them, or was it just a coincidence that they had the same white eyes? “Okay,” DiamondMan said, trying to sound brave. “What’s your name?” The skeleton smiled. “Greetings,” he said. “My name is Arrows.”


Chapter 13

The Second Warning

Steve was thinking harder than he had ever been thinking before. This was so mysterious; New users wanting to join the village was not unusual, but a user coming out of a nether portal that their #1 traitor and enemy had also gone through? This could easily be a trick from DarknessWarrior and/or his mysterious friend “The False Herobrine.” And just to complicate things more, Herobrine had sent a warning to them, and now they had to look out for two enemies. No one knew where King Skull and the rest of his army were either. They could easily take either side of the war (But definitely not their side. They would probably enjoy bashing our heads off so much that they would join either side very soon). Suddenly, Steve heard a strange noise outside – like a fireball. He rushed outside the door to see Jellybeans257 staring in horror and confusion and a bunch of other things that Steve couldn’t identify. He looked up at the sky and gasped. A giant ghast stood before them, destroying the village, piece by piece. A ghast in the overworld! Steve thought. How could this be? And this was no ordinary ghast either. It was a gigantic ghast, the biggest Steve had ever seen, and he had been to the Nether many times before (Mostly when King Skull had decided to put one of his previous bases in the Nether, and Steve was one of the village’s top spies, so of course he spied on them several times). He drew his bow and ran towards the back of the defenses, gesturing for Jellybeans to follow. “Bare my wrath, you miserable users!” The ghast was shouting. Steve and Jellybeans started firing at the ghast as fast as their arms could launch their arrows. Meanwhile, SuperCreeper101, the new user, was building a tall cobblestone pillar beneath his feet. Many of the users next to them were shaking their heads in confusion and disappointment. When the ghast was about to leave, though, SuperCreeper jumped on top of the ghast, and with many swift movements, he killed the ghast in three seconds! (and counting!) The ghast let out one final cry and disappeared, leaving behind a bundle of gunpowder and a ghast tear. Everyone was staring in shock at SuperCreeper’s amazing battle moves when a loud cry interrupted their thoughts. “NOOOOO!!!” Suddenly, from behind a tree, a user stepped out. Though he was not exactly a user – he was Herobrine. Everyone gasped. Things just kept getting worse and worse and worse. First comes a warning from Herobrine. Next comes a giant ghast that has somehow escaped from the nether. And to top it all off, Herobrine comes to greet the village and probably give another warning, this time even scarier, and now they knew for sure that Herobrine really hated them, and that was never a good thing. Steve had not thought Herobrine was real in the first place before he popped out at us! “SuperCreeper – all of you – you shall pay for what you have done! You have angered me like none other! You have no idea what you are getting yourself into!” he shouted loud enough for everyone in the entire village to hear him. The archers tried to shoot arrows at him and the warriors charged forward, but Herobrine just teleported away. “One day, I shall give you what you deserve. One day you will regret that you ever angered Herobrine!!!” he yelled furiously as he teleported away from the scene. MidnightFlame027 walked over to WhiteTiger09 with a worried expression. “Get your best defenses and try to convince as many users as you can to help. We have to be prepared whenever Herobrine comes to get his revenge.”


Chapter 14

A New Threat

<em>Impossible. FlamingArrows was looking at DiamondMan0204’s shocked face and asked, “What’s wrong?” “I only have to tell you one thing for you to understand why this is so impossible: Arrows is dead.” DiamondMan explained. FlamingArrows didn’t look surprised. “How do you know? He could’ve faked his death.” Arrows smirked. “Oh, no, I was in heaven, alright. But I found a way out, back into the real world.” FlamingArrows laughed. “That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all week.” she said, giggling. Arrows frowned. “It’s true, even if you don’t think it is. Herobrine died, and he got back into the real world. Why do you think we both have white eyes?” Arrows stopped to think about this. “I would tell you how I got out, but then when I kill you, then you might follow my directions and get out as well. Also, I have something else to convince you with. People who come back from get interesting powers, such as the ability to teleport.” Just then, Arrows disappeared and reappeared behind DiamondMan and FlamingArrows, smiling evilly. “Just like Herobrine.” DiamondMan and FlamingArrows couldn’t believe this. For a second, DiamondMan thought this was just a dream, but then he pinched himself and found that it was not. “Come at us. You can’t stop us!” FlamingArrows taunted. “Be careful what you wish for,” Arrows said as he took out an enchanted bow and shot fast as lightning, barely missing her. Arrows frowned. “Huh. I don’t usually miss my target. I guess I’m just adjusting to this new body.” he said. DiamondMan and FlamingArrows took out diamond swords and charged toward Arrows, but he just teleported out of the way. “We have to lure him into MidnightFlame’s village. He won’t stand a chance against their entire army,” DiamondMan suggested. FlamingArrows nodded and followed DiamondMan, who was already rushing into the forest, scanning the map. Arrows followed them, just as DiamondMan had planned. But unlike he had planned, FlamingArrows stumbled. “No!” DiamondMan shouted as Arrows pinned her down and began to take out an incredibly sharp arrow. FlamingArrows could not fight back; Arrows was to strong. “Keep running! I know what to do!” FlamingArrows shouted to him. DiamondMan instantly understood her plan and kept running as Arrows was busy trying to hold FlamingArrows down. DiamondMan could only hope that this dangerous plan would work. If not, Herobrine would take over the world, and all would be lost, including his best friend.


Chapter 15

The Key To Redemption

FlamingArrows woke up and was not surprised to see she was standing in heaven. But what did surprise her is that she still had the ruby in her spiritual form. And even weirder, it was shining a bright scarlet light that was somehow urging her to move to her left, but she decided to ignore the feeling for now and explore her surroundings. She looked below her and saw that blurry images were dancing beneath her. After a while, she realized that she was looking down at the real world; what was happening right now. There were many mobs and users, some so full of hatred towards each other that they were fighting each other for eternity; not a life that FlamingArrows would particularly choose in heaven. Then he saw someone very familiar. She did not exactly recognize his face, but she recognized his username completely well. When DiamondMan0204 had told her about The Great Mob Invasion, he had mentioned someone (a traitor, to be more specific) named DarknessWarrior. This was him. “I know you,” she said, walking up to him. DarknessWarrior sighed. “I get that from a lot of people.” he said. “I’m guess I’m pretty famous. Unfortunately, I’m famous for doing bad things. And it’s so funny that in the end, I was killed by a griefer.” He sighed again and turned away. FlamingArrows couldn’t believe it. He had gone all that way, just to be killed by a griefer? How frustrating was that? DarknessWarrior suddenly turned around and started to look at FlamingArrows’ ruby with a confused expression on his face. “What’s that?” he asked curiously. “New species of ore,” FlamingArrows answered. “Extremely rare – this is the only one found so far.” DarknessWarrior was still interested in the mysterious red crystal. “You should go where it’s pointing, if you’re smart.” he said. FlamingArrows had not noticed that a red arrows had appeared on the ruby, and the urge to move to her left was becoming stronger every second. FlamingArrows nodded and started to turn around, but DarknessWarrior took a step towards her. “Shall I follow you?” he asked. FlamingArrows smiled and nodded again. “I could use a companion for now,” she said. “This user forgets what chaos I have caused. She says she knows me – I guess not very well,” DarknessWarrior muttered. “What?” FlamingArrows asked him. “Nothing,” DarknessWarrior said with a smirk. During the journey, they met many other users who had sacrificed their lives in the war, some who were kind healers, ferocious fighters, and a weird user named RainbowMadness274 who DarknessWarrior instantly recognized and gave a growl. RainbowMadness had shrieked at the sight of him and raced off as fast as his legs could carry him. Finally, the ruby stopped pointing in front of them and the arrow changed directions, now facing downwards. DarknessWarrior mined the ground beneath them and it easily cam apart, leaving behind a secret tunnel. He looked at FlamingArrows with confusion, but she just shrugged and started to walk in. The two users walked down a descending staircase into the tunnel and soon found a sign on the wall. They both turned and started to read it. “Here lies a second chance for all who hold the ruby.” FlamingArrows read aloud. And without thinking, DarknessWarrior leaped on top of FlamingArrows and ripped the ruby out of her hands.

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The Mystery of Herobrine Episode III

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