Chapter 6

The Mobs

SuperCreeper101 was just about to enter the nether portal when a voice came from behind. He stopped mid-step and turned around. Behind him was a huge ghast like nothing SuperCreeper had ever seen before. SuperCreeper stared in awe as the ghast turned to Herobrine. “Greetings, Herobrine.” he said with a smile, then frowned. “I wish very much that I could travel to the overworld and help you with your fierce battle. But of course, you know that us Nether mobs can’t leave the nether. It’s just too bad.” The ghast then turned to SuperCreeper with a disgusted look. “What is he doing here?” he asked. Herobrine glared at him. “He is my assistant. Don’t take him lightly.” The ghast immediately changed his attitude and introduced himself. “Hello, uh – SuperCreeper, right? My name is Tentacles. Nice to meet you!” SuperCreeper was about to shake hands, but then remembered that Tentacles was a giant ghast. Tentacles turned back to Herobrine. “Though I cannot fight with you, I can give you an advantage for the upcoming battle.” Tentacles stated proudly. “This may take a while, but we can visit some nether fortresses, and you can take the treasure that the monsters guard. On either of our command, the monsters will reluctantly give us the treasure.” Herobrine smirked. “Lead me there,” he said. Then he turned to SuperCreeper101. “You complete your task. I will attack once I am ready.” SuperCreeper nodded and ran off through the purple mist and quickly disappeared. “By the way,” Herobrine said as he teleported across the nether, following Tentacles. “SuperCreeper is just part of my plan. Once I am done with him, I shall destroy him.” Herobrine laughed evilly as he followed Tentacles into the first nether fortress.

* * * * *

Arrows paced the cloudy room nervously, looking down at the world below him. He really wished he could look into the nether, but from the overworld, it seemed that there was something mysterious going on; something about Herobrine. Arrows thought that Herobrine was a myth, and actually, he was beginning to think he still was. I mean, someone could have easily pulled a prank just to scare the users. But who in the village would do something so mean. He looked over the right and saw Steve’s house. He snarled, the thought that Steve and his whole family survived when he attacked them filling him with rage. What made him even angrier is that he had died, and the only damage he had done to Steve’s family was injure the child. It was ridiculous and made Arrows angrier than he ever had been before. But the worst thing of all was that Puncher was not by his side. He was still in the midst of the chaos, but at least he was still alive. Arrows decided to go visit him immediately after he had thought this, the world below him blurred, and when it had become clear, he could see Puncher, lying on his bed, his eyes filled with overwhelming sadness. There was lots of mumbling between all of the skeletons and zombies. Arrows then spotted King Skull, who looked very annoyed and was probably over this by now. But Arrows knew that Puncher wouldn’t care. If he had to, he would reluctantly leave the palace just as Pounce and his spiders had. For the first time in his life, Arrows wished that the “Great Mob Invasion” had never started.


Chapter 7

The Zombie King

[drocpap]D[/drocpap]iamondMan0204 cupped the water to his mouth. It tasted so refreshing after all the musty, dirty water that the guard had given them when they were held captive at LordOfEvil14’s castle. Him and FlamingArrows were at a village. He watched FlamingArrows grab a fully grown potato and take a bite out of it. The villagers were watching them curiously. “Uh, hi,” he said unsurely, even though he knew that the villagers were just NPCs (Non-Player Characters) and could not understand them. After a while, the villagers left them alone and continued to their normal routine. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the villagers separated into small groups and ran away. DiamondMan looked at FlamingArrows suspiciously. “What was that?” he asked. FlamingArrows shrugged. Just then, they heard a roar. DiamondMan and FlamingArrows turned around to see a giant zombie in enchanted iron armor holding an enchanted iron sword. The giant zombie snarled. “What are you doing here? This is my village, not yours! I suggest you leave this place before you are destroyed.” But DiamondMan was surprised to hear FlamingArrows laugh. “Where’s you army? Is it really 2 on 1?” she chuckled. The giant zombie’s eyes flashed with anger. “They’re with that stupid zombie Puncher. He thought he could win the “Great Mob Invasion,” but of course, he failed. And he still hasn’t given the zombies back to their rightful owner!!! I’m never trusting him again!” But the zombie unsheathed his sword. “I’m still powerful enough to defeat two wounded users, one with a broken arm,” he said smirking. DiamondMan0204 frowned at his arm. “Don’t worry. I can beat this guy.” FlamingArrows said reassuringly. In one swift movement, she took out her enchanted bow, grabbed an arrow, notched it, and fired. When the arrow made contact with the bow, it immediately set on fire. Small flames licked the metal, but not enough that it would burn up. The arrow thrust into the air, but the zombie easily blocked it with his sword, and the zombie charged for FlamingArrows. Suddenly, DiamondMan had an idea. While FlamingArrows and the giant zombie fought each other, DiamondMan started placing stacks of TNT. DiamondMan did not have anything to light it with, but he did not panic, because FlamingArrows’s arrows would easily light the TNT. FlamingArrows saw what DiamondMan was doing, and easily knew what to do. DiamondMan was almost done, but the was almost out of time. FlamingArrows was obviously losing the battle, and once in a while, she would scream out in pain as the zombie blew a hit to her flesh. Finally, DiamondMan was finished. “Light the TNT, quick!” he shouted. FlamingArrows immediately shot the TNT, which caused it to ignite. She ran away as fast as her feet could carry her, DiamondMan running right behind her. Luckily, the zombie was not fast enough to catch up with them. They made it out of range just in time, and watched the TNT explode like colorless fireworks, tearing the giant zombie to smithereens. After the explosions had ended, DiamondMan looked at FlamingArrows. “Are you alright?” he asked. “For now,” FlamingArrows answered, out of breath. “But we both need to find a doctor very soon.” DiamondMan nodded as the two desperately began to search for a user that could help them.

Chapter 8

The Village

DiamondMan0204 felt like his arm had been ripped out of its sockets. FlamingArrows was trying to help him, but she was obviously in much pain too. This was the third day that they had been walking. During the night, they had to sleep on the grass, which wasn’t as uncomfortable as he thought it would’ve been. But it was extremely cold and DiamondMan barely got any sleep because he kept shivering. DiamondMan sat down, wincing as his arm hit the ground. “Let’s rest for a little bit.” he said. FlamingArrows shot a pig and started a fire to cook the meat. Suddenly, DiamondMan heard a voice. “Hey!” He looked in the direction of the shout and saw a user running towards them. DiamondMan was never more happy in his life. “What are you two doing out here?” the user asked. His name was RogueBattleship. “Are you explorers?” “Captured,” FlamingArrows explained. “We got away, but we got lost, and as you can see, we are both badly hurt. Can you help us?” she pleaded. RogueBattleship looked them both up and down. “Follow me,” he said as he started to walk down a path of gravel that someone had made. Soon, DiamondMan could see a small village in the distance. “This is my village,” he said. “Luckily, we built a hospital. I’ll lead you there.” As they got into the village, users around them began to whisper and murmur when they passed by. Some asked questions, and RogueBattleship explained what FlamingArrows had told him. Finally, they arrived at a building built mostly out of quartz. RogueBattleship opened the door and went inside, DiamondMan and FlamingArrows following close behind. After a couple minutes of waiting, a user came to them named I’mHappy183. “How may I help you?” she asked politely. “I found these two users outside. They said that they had been captured. They escaped, but they were lost and very hurt.” RogueBattleship explained. I’mHappy inspected them for a long moment. “Come with me,” she finally said, walking into a room to the right of them. DiamondMan0204 and FlamingArrows followed her into the room and into a long corridor. “Where are we going?” FlamingArrows asked. “How do we know this is not all a trick?” I’mHappy looked at them, a surprised look on her face. “You are very brave,” she answered. “I see that you two are in much pain, (she looked at DiamondMan’s arm,) though you still act very defensive. But don’t you need help?” FlamingArrows was about to argue, but DiamondMan shook his head. He would much rather get help at the slight chance of being tricked then fight another fierce battle. FlamingArrows sighed in frustration and kept following I’mHappy. After a while, I’mHappy stopped at a large room. There was a bed and a chest full of multiple healing potions. There was a sign above the door that read, “Badly injured patients.” “MastaHeala! We have a patient!” I’mHappy called into the room. Loud footsteps sounded as a user stepped out the door. As expected, the user’s name was MastaHeala. “I’m sorry, but you two will have to separate.” I’mHappy explained. FlamingArrows was obviously not happy with this, but she followed I’mHappy away from DiamondMan. “Come inside, my friend,” MastaHeala said, opening the door for DiamondMan. DiamondMan stepped inside and sat on the bed. “I can see your problem here, my friend. It seems you arm had been broken about a week ago, but since there has not been a doctor around, it has become worse and worse. I’ll get to work right away.” said MastaHeala. DiamondMan was impressed. How did he know all that from just looking at his arm? “Captured, eh?” MastaHeala asked as he handed him a healing potion. DiamondMan nodded and drank the liquid, which eased the pain a bit. “How did you break your arm?” he asked. “I have been known for plotting sneaky tricks to escape when I get captured, so my captor decided to break my arm so that I couldn’t plan any escape. Luckily, FlamingArrows was with me, and she helped us escape.” DiamondMan explained. “Then why did they capture FlamingArrows in the first place?” MastaHeala asked him. “My captor, LordOfEvil14, has been capturing me repeatedly in order to find out some of my secrets. But knowing that LordOfEvil couldn’t kill me, I didn’t share anything with him. But when he found out that FlamingArrows was my friend, they captured her and threatened to kill her, and I had to tell him a couple of my secrets. Luckily, we escaped before I had to give away too many.” DiamondMan explained. MastaHeala looked shocked. “How violent! I’m glad you escaped. I will gladly help you.” he said. As he rummaged through a nearby chest, DiamondMan smiled. Safe at last.

Chapter 9

The Trading Post

FlamingArrows walked out of the hospital, DiamondMan0204 at her side. They had just finished being treated, and they were going off to explore the village. DiamondMan inspected his new, strong cast. It felt very leathery around his arm, but it was not uncomfortable. “Where off to first?” FlamingArrows asked him. DiamondMan scanned the village thoroughly and saw an unusual building. There was a large sign that read, “Trading Post,” above the door, and inside were lots of item frames filled with gold, iron, and even diamonds. “Let’s check out that place,” he said, pointing to the building. FlamingArrows nodded and they both walked towards the Trading Post. They were greeted by a young man at the door named TheBlacksmith. “Hey, there! You two lookin’ for some goodies? Wha do ya have to trade for them?” he asked happily. When the pair didn’t answer, TheBlacksmith smiled. “I’ll let you guys look around a bit, see what ya want.” he suggested. DiamondMan nodded and started walking around the store. There was any kind of ore possible that you could find, including some potions supplies from the Overworld and the Nether. At the end of the store, DiamondMan stopped at something red. It looked a lot like redstone, but it looked a little bit different. “What’s this?” DiamondMan asked. TheBlacksmith stopped mid-step and went over to DiamondMan and the mysterious ore. “Oh, this. This is ruby. I found it in a mine. Wonder how I found it, cause’ you know no one’s every found anything like this. I figured it was an unknown ore and I discovered it, so I named it after my daughter, Ruby456. You can buy it if you want, but it costs a whole bunch. Bet you don’t have enough resources.” DiamondMan smiled and looked at FlamingArrows. “There’s only one thing left to do – let’s go mining!” he said excitedly. FlamingArrows did not return his smile. “You know that if we go in a cave, we’ll have to fight monsters. You sure you’ll be alright?” She asked him. TheBlacksmith frowned. “I pity you two. Make sure to give these back once you’re done, but I want you to borrow these.” he said, handing out two iron swords. DiamondMan0204 took one of the swords. FlamingArrows sighed and took the other. They both thanked TheBlacksmith and went off to mine.

* * * * *

SuperCreeper101 smiled as he looked around. He had just stepped out of the nether portal behind him and was just about to carry out his plan when he heard a voice. “Hey, you there! What are you doing?” He looked above him to see MidnightFlame027. SuperCreeper tried to pretend that he was paralyzed with fear. “Herobrine. He came out of nowhere. I barely escaped.” Then he looked back up at MidnightFlame. “And he’s coming for you next.” But MidnightFlame just rolled his eyes. “We already heard. Now come on, do you want to get him back or what?” SuperCreeper was shocked by his expression, but then changed his expression as well and tried to look disgusted. “What, do you think I’m stupid? Of course I want to get him back!” he shouted. “Then join us,” MidnightFlame said. “If we all work together, we can easily beat Herobrine!” Wrong. he thought.  That will never happen. SuperCreeper smiled slyly. “Of course! Now, where’s your big army? Or do you even have one?” he asked. “Of course we do! Just follow me.” MidnightFlame said as he walked up a small hill. After a while, MidnightFlame stopped so suddenly that SuperCreeper ran right in to him. MidnightFlame pushed him off and stood there, staring at the village in front of them. SuperCreeper looked in awe at the hundreds of users sleeping or guarding the village. This will be harder than I expected, SuperCreeper thought as he walked along a narrow gravel path, heading for the village.

Chapter 10

The Surprise Appearance

DiamondMan0204 stopped at a large cave. “Here we are!” he said to FlamingArrows. They both stepped into the cave and immediately felt the cold stone beneath their feet. They traveled carefully, listening for any hissing or moaning that would signal any monsters coming for them. Once in a while, they would spot a monster, but by itself, the monster had no chance against the fearsome DiamondMan and FlamingArrows. After a while, they began to feel hotter as they reached the level of lava. Now they had to look out for silverfish when they mined,because everyone knows that these tricky little silverfish eggs can disguise themselves as stone blocks. But if you accidentally mine the eggs, the silverfish will come out and attack. Also, one silverfish means more silverfish, so if you find a silverfish, find another spot to mine. Of course, DiamondMan and FlamingArrows were skilled fighters, so they were experienced with this kind of stuff. Finally, DiamondMan spotted something blue. “Diamonds!” he shouted with glee as he ran toward the shimmering blue crystals. He mined the block quickly, but something was behind the block. “FlamingArrows, come here,” he ordered as FlamingArrows rushed to his side. She gasped and stepped aside at sight of the strange thing that DiamondMan had uncovered. “What is it?” DiamondMan asked, confused. “That purple light can only mean one thing,” FlamingArrows answered. “A nether portal. Someone must’ve created it,” They started to mine more of the blocks around the nether portal, and soon the portal was completely uncovered. “I wonder who put this here,” said DiamondMan. “You want to go in?” FlamingArrows stepped back. “Hide! Someone’s coming out of the portal!” FlamingArrows rushed to a hole in the cave and stepped in, DiamondMan following close behind. They began to hear voices, but wouldn’t dare come out to see who it was. “I hope SuperCreeper is carrying out your plan well,” one voice said. “I trust him. He is a strong warrior and will obey my every command as long as his precious diamond armor gets enchanted.” another voice said. DiamondMan dared to peak his head out has the two people came by. He gasped and went back into the hole. FlamingArrows tried to peak at the two also, but DiamondMan pushed her back down. “Stay down!” he ordered. “It’s Herobrine!”

* * * * *

SuperCreeper101 smiled as he laid down on the bed. The users thought he was going to help them defeat Herobrine, but no, he was instead going to make the fight one-sided – with Herobrine being the winner. One day, Herobrine would exit from the nether portal and come to destroy the users. That was when SuperCreeper would turn against the MidnightFlame027 and his army of users.  SuperCreeper couldn’t believe that MidnightFlame was so stupid that he hadn’t even destroyed the nether portal yet. He was such an idiot! That’s why Herobrine had to win. And even better, he would get those precious enchantments on his spectacular diamond armor! He might even be able to rule the world with Herobrine! Now that had to be the best it gets. SuperCreeper101 drifted into a deep sleep as he thought more about how wonderful it would be for him if Herobrine won this great battle…

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The Mystery of Herobrine Episode II

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