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Chapter 1

The Epic Face-Off

SuperCreeper101 walked across the fiery netherrack. His feet were burning since he didn’t have any boots and he was ready to go back. He was just about to start making an obsidian portal when he spotted to users in the distance. He decided that he should grief them, just for the fun of it. He ran up behind the two, but then stopped. Staring at the their profile names, he smiled. This will be fun, SuperCreeper thought, smiling evilly. “What a surprise,” said SuperCreeper101. “My two worst enemies walking side-by-side!” DarknessWarrior and Herobrine both turned their heads toward SuperCreeper. Herobrine, shocked, yelled at SuperCreeper, “How did you escape, you weakling?!?” “Get out of here you griever! We have no business with you!” DarknessWarrior shouted at SuperCreeper, looking quite annoyed. SuperCreeper smirked. “I’m sorry, but I think we’ll have to fight,” he said. “Finally! Some entertainment!” a voice came from in front of him. SuperCreeper was shocked to see someone named Herobrine, and he knew that no one on the history of Minecraft could have the same profile name. So that meant that this was the real Herobrine. SuperCreeper quivered with fright. Herobrine (The user) bowed. “My lord!” he said. Herobrine, looking quite confused and angry, said, “What are you talking about? I never knew you! And change your name, you copycat!” Suddenly, Herobrine (The user)’s name changed to RainbowMadness274. SuperCreeper101 laughed. “What, are you 5?” he asked. This angered RainbowMadness like never before. SuperCreeper could swear he saw steam coming out of his ears. “Yes, fight!” Herobrine shouted. “Just to spice this up, the winner will receive this!” Herobrine took out a handful of diamonds. SuperCreeper needed those diamonds to make the rest of his diamond armor! He raced toward RainbowMadness and struck him right in the head with his enchanted diamond sword. RainbowMadness yelled in pain and fell back. “You are an idiot!” DarknessWarrior yelled as he advanced toward RainbowMadness274. “You may act wise and act like a hard enemy, but on the inside, your just a puny jerk!” He took out an enchanted diamond sword and killed RainbowMadness. But before DarknessWarrior could move another inch, SuperCreeper sprinted towards DarknessWarrior, but at the last second, swerved to the right and collected all of RainbowMadness’s stuff. DarknessWarrior snarled with rage. SuperCreeper just smirked. “Nice play, SuperCreeper101!” Herobrine said from the background. “You are giving me quite an entertainment!” But SuperCreeper didn’t care about entertaining Herobrine. All he wanted was those diamonds. DarknessWarrior sprinted furiously towards SuperCreeper. But then he spied an invisibility potion that he had collected from RainbowMadness’s old supplies. He took it out and, in one swift move, drank the bottle and ran out of the way of the sprinting DarknessWarrior. DarknessWarrior ran right past SuperCreeper101 and looked around the battle arena Herobrine had set up, confused. Herobrine chuckled. “What, are you blind? He’s right there, you dope!” he said. He was obviously immune to invisibility potions. SuperCreeper circled DarknessWarrior. Then he yelled, “Over here!” As SuperCreeper thought, DarknessWarrior charged toward the direction of his voice. SuperCreeper swiftly moved out of the way and threw a block of TNT at DarknessWarrior. It hit him in the head and he fell back. He was still on the ground when the TNT exploded. He went towards the large crater to inspect the damage. He smiled. All there was left was a pile of useful fighting supplies. “Congratulations, SuperCreeper101. You definitely deserve these diamonds!” Herobrine said, tossing him the diamonds and happily walked away. But Herobrine teleported in front of him. “You’re a great fighter. If you help me destroy the rest of the users, I will give you any enchanting books you want so that you can enchant you diamond armor,” he said. SuperCreeper101 smiled. This was the best day of is life. “Agreed,” he said.

Chapter 2

The New Leader

It had been three days since the great mob invasion, as some called it. Lioness67 was getting used to her crutches, but Steve still regretted what had happened. Lioness had been shot in the leg in an accident when Arrows, the powerful skeleton general, battled his family. Steve ate his apple silently as Lioness came up behind him. “You shouldn’t be so depressed,” Lioness said to him. This was not the first time that Steve had acted like this since the great mob invasion. “I’m alright, you know,” “And we sure are glad you are,” Melanie222 said as she walked towards Lioness, a piece of steak in her hand. Lioness gratefully took the piece of steak and begin to eat it. Steve was about to go wake up Jellybeans257, but Melanie stopped him. “Let him sleep. He had a long night last night fighting off all the dumb zombies that came to fight the great battle three days late,” she said. Steve looked at her, confused. “Why didn’t the zombies come a different day?” he asked. Melanie just shrugged. “Don’t ask me,” she answered. Steve finished is apple and went outside. Today there was going to be a meeting. In the meeting the people of the village were going to vote for a new leader. Obviously, Steve was not running. He was already busy enough taking care of Lioness. Having to be a leader of a large village would be also would be too much for him. Steve looked up into the clear, blue sky and was glad to see the sun shining brightly down on the Minecraft world.  He brushed the grass and petted his wolves, giving them a big thing of pork for breakfast. The wolves licked their lips hungrily and dove at the pork, attempting to get the first bite. Finally, he reached the golden temple in the middle of the village. This is where the meeting would be held. He wrote “MidnightFlame027” on a slip of paper and put it into a large box. In the box were everyone’s votes for who should be the new leader. The crowd cheered as four users walked on stage: LostPuppy999, GotSkills, PizzaRocks02, and MidnightFlame027. These users were the users running for leader of the village. All four names were chanted over and over as the crowd shouted out who they wanted to win. BillyBobJoe walked onto the stage. “Hello, everybody! I will be your announcer. I have counted up all of the votes with my assistants, DatFrenchGuy and PurpleUnicorns, and have found tour new leader!” The crowd went wild as PurpleUnicorns gave BillyBobJoe a slip of paper, which probably had the winner written on it. BillyBobJoe’s face brightened as he read the slip. “Our new leader will be–drumroll please…” he said. The area filled with the sound of users clapping their hands against their legs. “…MidnightFlame027!” The crowd cheered as the other three users sadly stepped back. MidnightFlame’s face was full of pride. “Thank you so much, all of you!” he said proudly. Tears of joy sprang from the users face as the crowd chanted his name. BillyBobJoe silenced the crowd. “Alright! Thank you for voting fairly, everyone! The meeting is over, and you may go back to your homes.” The crowd of users slowly left. MidnightFlame and BillyBobJoe were about to leave when DatFrenchGuy and PurpleUnicorns called him. “What’s wrong?” MidnightFlame asked. DatFrenchGuy’s face was unusually filled with fear. “We decided to keep this private and tell you after the meeting, but when we were searching through all the votes, we found something,” he said nervously as he lifted up a small slip of paper. MidnightFlame grabbed it and read the writing. His jaw dropped. “What’s it say?” BillyBobJoe asked. MidnightFlame027 read off the slip nervously. “Beware, for you have angered Herobrine.”

Chapter 3


DiamondMan0204 opened his eyes. He blinked as he got used to the light of the sun shining brightly done on his face. He could hear the banging of someone enchanting swords on an anvil and was surprised that he was able to sleep through the harsh noise. DiamondMan touched his arm. Yep, still broken. He sighed. If it was not for his broken arm, he would’ve been out of this prison weeks ago. But his captor had thought ahead. He could remember that panful day when LordofEvil14 had captured him and threw him against the wall. He was known for his sneaky tricks, but that’s also why he was captured. LordofEvil wanted to know his tricks so that he could someday rule the world, but DiamondMan wouldn’t give in. LordofEvil threatened him, but DiamondMan knew that he could not kill him, for that would result in him losing his chance of world domination. He looked to his roommate, FlamingArrows, who was sound asleep. DiamondMan already had to give up one secret in order to save her life, and he bet that LordofEvil would come back for more. That’s why he needed to get out of here as quick as possible. He called to FlamingArrows, who soon woke up. “What is it?” she asked. “Thought up of a plan yet?” DiamondMan looked at the floor. “No, not yet.” FlamingArrows looked at him pleadingly. “You always have an idea to get out of sticky situations. Why haven’t you gotten one yet?” she asked. “Well, I can’t do much with this,” DiamondMan said. He lifted his bad arm up and winced. “Well that’s what I’m here for,” FlamingArrows said. “Did it really take you that long to think about that?” Suddenly, there was a shrill voice coming to the right of them. “What ‘you all jabberin’ about?!?” The two immediately stopped talking as a buff user came into the room. This was the guard, Beast174. “You two keep quiet! There’s a lava pit over your head, FlamingArrows, and you know it!” FlamingArrows looked under the roof and frowned nervously. “Now I’m leavin’ ya, but don’t you two do anythin’ suspicious, for I’ll find out if ya do!” he said, and he walked away. This was it, their only chance! “FlamingArrows, I think I have an idea.” he said. FlamingArrows looked at him happily as he explained his plan of ultimate escape.

* * * * *

BillyBobJoe looked at the others with uncertainty painted on his face as he scanned the three horrified faces. “Who’s Herobrine?” MidnightFlame looked to the ground, full of thought. “I used to think Herobrine was just a myth, but unless someone is pulling  trick on us, I guess he’s really real.” he started. “Herobrine is a super powerful virus in Minecraft, which means he was created by accident. He can teleport and has been in the game so long that he has unbelievable weapons and knowledge.” But BillyBobJoe was still confused. “Notch didn’t create monsters by accident,” he argued. “Notch added monsters in the game to try to make the game fun.” MidnightFlame answered. BillyBobJoe rolled his eyes. “How successful,” he said, annoyed. “What do we tell everyone?” PurpleUnicorns asked, her voice full of worry. MidnightFlame shrugged. “I’ll need to think more about it. I mean, I don’t want to scare the users, but I also wan to inform them of what happened.” He then walked away from the others, heading for home. As he walked, he thought more about the situation. How much power does Herobrine really have? he thought. And how did we really anger Herobrine anyway? The only thing that might involve him is–no, it can’t be–was he involved in the “Great Mob Invasion?” Was he King Skull’s commander? Was King Skull just a general after all? No, that couldn’t be right, because then Herobrine would’ve attacked us along with the other mobs.

Chapter 4


“Here’s what we’re going to do.” DiamondMan0204 started. “So your going to take your hair and tie it on that slit sticking out over there on the roof to get it hot.” This was a very odd strategy, but FlamingArrows did not question him, for she knew that DiamondMan always had odd plans, but no matter how odd they were, they always seemed to work out. FlamingArrows looked above her. Sure enough, a piece of nether brick was sticking out of the roof. She threw her long hair into the air and managed to tie it around the slit, and since it was right below the lava, the hair started to become incredibly hot. After a few minutes, DiamondMan continued. “Now, since you hair is hot enough, find something in your room to untie the knot. If you untied it with your hands, your hands would burn.” FlamingArrows looked around the room, but found nothing helpful. But then she had an idea. FlamingArrows grabbed a piece of nether brick sticking out of the wall and pulled with all her might. It eventually came out, and she use the piece of brick to untie her hair, and DiamondMan continued. “Now, without touching your hair, find a way to tie it around the bars.” Confused, FlamingArrows carefully brought her hair and tied it around the bars using her chunk of brick. “Now what?” she asked impatiently. DiamondMan smiled. “Just wait,” he said confidently. FlamingArrows spied the bars and saw that her hair was so hot that it was starting to melt the bars. “You’re a genius!” FlamingArrows exclaimed. As the bars slowly melted away, FlamingArrows squeezed through, but her smile soon faded. “What about you?” she asked, but then smiled. “I don’t know why I asked that question. Duh, the same thing!” FlamingArrows said, laughing. She tied her hair around the bars in DiamondMan’s room, and soon enough, DiamondMan was able to squeeze through. “We’re free!” DiamondMan shouted, running around joyfully. But his celebration was soon interrupted when an arrow flew past DiamondMan’s ear and hit a tree. The tree immediately burst into flames. “Nicely played, DiamondMan,” a voice said behind him. DiamondMan and FlamingArrows turned around to see none other than LordofEvil14. “That was a warning. One wrong move, and your little friend shall die.” he said, smirking. FlamingArrows’s face was full of fear has he looked into DiamondMan’s nervous eyes. What should I do? DiamondMan thought to himself. He feared there was no way out of this one. He was trapped again. And this time he knew he would be severely punished. Would they make him or FlamingArrows suffer? Their only chance was to escape. “What shall it be than, my dear friend?” LordofEvil said, pulling back an arrow in his bow. DiamondMan didn’t know what to do. For the first time in his life, DiamondMan was scared. But then, out of the corner, of his eye, he saw FlamingArrows make a sudden, quick movement that LordofEvil probably wouldn’t notice. She had pointed to the flaming tree. Instantly, DiamondMan ran behind the flaming tree. The tree was beginning to turn into ash, but DiamondMan hoped that FlamingArrows knew what she was doing. LordofEvil let go of the bowstring and the arrow sailed into the tree, which exploded into a pile of ash and smoke. Thank you FlamingArrows! You’re a genius, just like me! DiamondMan thought as he followed FlamingArrows away from LordofEvil as he stood there, coughing, as he tried to spot DiamondMan and FlamingArrows in the smoke. “We are officially both geniuses,” DiamondMan said, laughing, as he ran across the grass. It felt so good to run after being in an enclosed area for so long. They were free–and he would do his best to prevent LordofEvil from capturing again, because he bet that he now knew all of his sneaky tricks…

Chapter 5


Steve walked into his home excitedly. His family looked very excited as well. “Who on?” Melanie222 asked. “Who’s going to be our new leader?” Jellybeans257 was up, and he looked wide awake. He was glad that he let him sleep longer. “MidnightFlame027 won!” Steve said smiling. Lioness cheered. “He’s the one who saved us! He’s definitely fit for leader!” she shouted, her voice full of excitement. “I want to meet him! Can I, Steve?” Steve smiled. “You will be able to eventually,” he said. Lioness jumped for joy at the thought of meeting him. “He’s our new leader so I bet you will meet him soon.” As Lioness jumped around the kitchen, full of excitement, Steve looked at the window. MidnightFlame027 walked sadly across the grass. Steve opened the door and walked toward him. MidnightFlame eventually heard his footsteps and turned is depressed face toward him. “What’s wrong?” Steve asked frowning. MidnightFlame sighed. “I didn’t want to tell the other users about this, because they would go crazy, but I think we are under war again.” he said sadly. Steve was shocked. “Already? Who is planning the attack?” he asked nervously. MidnightFlame took out a slip of paper and handed it to Steve. “We found this in the voting bin,” he explained. Steve read off the slip of paper and nearly screamed. Herobrine was going to attack them?!? This was truly horrible! What were they going to do next. “I’ve been thinking,” MidnightFlame started. “I don’t have a clue why Herobrine is mad at us in the first place. Second of all, we need to find his location. Where do you think he would be?” Steve thought about this. “First things first. We have to tell the village right away, because if the users aren’t ready, Herobrine could easily land a surprise attack on us.” Steve said. But MidnightFlame shook his head. “We just got back at a meeting. Plus, the other users might get frightened if we mention that Herobrine is coming to attack us,” he said. “But what if Herobrine comes alone? If we told the users what was happening, we could easily defeat Herobrine.” Steve retorted. They argued for what seemed like hours. Finally, Steve headed for home, thinking harder than he had ever thought before.

* * * * *

Herobrine walked across the steaming netherrack, but he was teleporting so fast that he didn’t feel the heat of the Nether at all–all he could feel was the wind blowing against his face as he teleported at an unbelievable speed. SuperCreeper101 stared in awe as Herobrine teleported next to him. “Of course, you’re not as skilled as me, but I see potential in you–much more potential than other users I have met,” “Thank you,” SuperCreeper said respectively. “So, how are we going to find where the users that DarknessWarrior used to rule are?” SuperCreeper smiled as he remembered how easily he had destroyed the mighty warrior. “With that,” Herobrine answered, pointing to something in the distance. At first, SuperCreeper thought that Herobrine was pointing to an enderman, since it was surrounded with teleportation particles, but he soon found out that it was a nether portal. “That Nether portal leads exactly where DarknessWarrior escaped with RainbowMadness.” Herobrine explained. “And where would that be?” SuperCreeper asked, obviously still confused. Herobrine smiled. “Right to the village.” he said, smirking. SuperCreeper was surprised. Is it that easy? he thought. Can we just bust in with a surprise attack and destroy them? Is it really that easy? “Now, now, I know what you’re thinking.” Herobrine interrupted his thoughts. “No, it won’t be that easy, because we are very outnumbered. I have frightened the users and told them ‘Beware, for you have angered Herobrine’, so they’ll be expecting me. Then you will come in, but act like you had no idea that I even existed.” SuperCreeper nodded as Herobrine continued. “They will tell you about the Situation with me, and you will agree to help them fight against me. But when I finally come, turn back to my side. They’ll have no idea what hit them.” Herobrine chuckled. “That is the only way we can win.” SuperCreeper smirked as he imagined how badly Herobrine and him were going to beat those puny users. The battle was over before it had even begun, and they had won.

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The Mystery of Herobrine Episode I

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