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Chapter 11

Doomsday Has Come

“March!” Arrows shouted at his skeleton army. At least King Skull was smart this time instead of stupid when he fired Pounce. King Skull had finally planned to attack DarknessWarrior and his army of users. Even without the spiders, the mobs would probably win. And Arrows’s first target was Steve’s family. Sure, the spiders had failed, but that’s because Steve had help from a bunch of other warriors. This time, the other users would be interested in other mobs. Surely this was the end for those puny users. And then, Minecraft. It was unimaginable how much would be theirs. All theirs. The entire face of Minecraft–theirs! All theirs!

* * * * *

“They’re coming! They’re coming!” Mr.Miner444 shouted to the warriors. Surprised by the sudden information, the users scrambled to their battle stations. Some archers, some healers, and the bravest ones were fighters. Some were redstone maniacs, running to an obsidian wall lined with dispensers full of arrows and fireballs. Others were master builders, who went up behind the fighters and built traps and extra walls. Then came DarknessWarrior. He marched up to the very front, holding his diamond sword enchanted with extreme enchantments like Sharpness V and Knockback II. Everyone was ready for the most difficult battle of their lives.

* * * * *

Arrows signaled his skeletons to keep marching and fight when the users attacked them and he went out to find Steve. Finally, he saw the tree he had been hiding under before. This meant that Steve’s house was near. Finally, he saw the house that the spiders had attacked yesterday. He walked towards the house. He could hear the family talking: “Here’s your armor and you sword, Steve. I hope you survive,” one said. “Don’t worry. I’ve been practicing my fighting skills,” said another, who was probably Steve. Arrows opened the door and he heard a shriek of terror from Lioness, the little one. “I don’t think so, Steve. The spiders might of failed, but I am more powerful than all 20 of those eight-legged creatures combined. I hope that you die a horrible death!” Arrows chuckled. He shot an arrow through the door. The powerful shard hit Lioness, knocking her out. Melanie screamed. “That was a warning shot. If you don’t want the little one dead, come out and fight me! Or are you too scared Steve?” Arrows threatened. Steve snarled. “You hurt my family, you deal with me,” he growled. Jellybeans stepped next to Steve. “You read my mind, Steve.” he said. They both walked out the door to face Arrows.

Chapter 12

The Mini Battle

MidnightFlame027 sped across the grass, spying the black night sky. I hope I’m not spotted by any monsters, MidnightFlame thought. But it seemed that tonight there were no monsters around. Finally, he reached the village. He was hoping that he would be able to peacefully get to his house and fall asleep in his warm bed. But something very bad had happened while he was gone. King Skull had finally attacked. But if the battle had already started, and he had a job to do. He ran through the battlefield, dodging opposing monsters. “The spiders are gone! The spiders are gone!” he shouted so that all could hear. The monsters snarled as the warriors cheered. He heard a small voice in the crowd. “MidnightFlame! I thought you were dead!” It was BillyBobJoe. “Hey, big fella!” MidnightFlame said as BillyBobJoe ran over to him and gave him a crushing hug. As BillyBobJoe let go of MidnightFlame, he scanned the area. He quickly saw Steve, who was being attacked by a skeleton with an enchanted bow. MidnightFlame had heard that there was a general for each sort of mob, and it looked like Steve and Jellybeans, with were both great warriors, were having trouble with just one skeleton. This must have been the skeleton general.

* * * * *

This skeleton was like none other. His skills met that of 25 skeletons attacking all at once. He shot a deadly arrow from his bow, which barely missed Steve. Jellybeans tried to tackle the skeleton, but it kicked him and he tumbled the other way. “Come on!” The skeleton shouted. “I thought you were better than this. This is too easy!” Then the skeleton pulled back his bow and turned around, noticing that the door was still a ajar. “Maybe I can just kill Lioness. That will cause you two to be angry and become harder opponents,” the skeleton suggested. “NEVER!!!” Jellybeans and Steve shouted, jumping at the skeleton. The skeleton fell back. “Get off of me, you fools!” the skeleton shouted. Steve smirked. “I thought you said that you wanted us to be harder opponents,” he said. The skeleton swung his bow at Steve, causing him to fall back. Then he pointed a sharp arrow at Jellybeans, but Jellybeans grabbed his arrow and plunged it into his chest. Jellybeans thought the skeleton would scream in pain, but he just smiled. “Good try, but you can’t kill a skeleton with its own weapon,” the skeleton said. He then jerked Jellybeans off of him and looked at Steve. “It seems you have lost,” the skeleton smiled, pointing his bow at Steve. “Actually, I think it seems that you have lost!” a voice from behind the skeleton shouted. Someone jumped on his neck. “Get off of me!” the skeleton shouted, but his attacker had a firm grip. Another user came up to him. His name-tag read, “MidnightFlame027.” “You,” the skeleton snarled. Then he smiled. MidnightFlame tilted his head, confused. How could a defeated skeleton be happy enough to smile? “I will just have one more shot, and you may kill me,” He turned his head to the door, which was still slightly ajar. It was hard to  move with a user around his neck, but he was just able to grab the most powerful arrow in the history of Minecraft. He had been saving it for Particles, but he thought that this was a better use for it. He put the arrow in his bow and shot towards the door. “NO!” Steve shouted. Steve jumped right in front of the arrow. “How dare you!” the skeleton shouted angrily as Steve fell to the floor. Without the skeleton noticing,  MidnightFlame took out an enchanted diamond sword and with one swift hit, he killed the skeleton general in one shot. “Steve!” Jellybeans cried, running over to Steve. One of the healers spotted them and ran over to them. The healer, named Potions239, knelt beside Steve. “Is he still alive?” Jellybeans asked her. “I don’t know. We’ll have to find out,” Potions said. He took out a very unusual healing potion. The potion looked like it was glowing. “What’s that?” MidnightFlame asked Potions. “It’s a super-strong healing potion,” Potions said. “It can not cure the dead, but it can heal the extremely wounded back to full health,” slowly, Potions dripped the potion into Steve’s mouth. Nothing happened. Jellybeans would’ve screamed if he didn’t see Steve suddenly move his hand. Steve blinked. “Steve! You’re alive!” Jellybeans shouted as he hugged Steve. Steve got up. “Thanks, Potions,” Jellybeans said as he followed Steve into the house. Potions just smiled and went off to cure any other wounded users. Inside, Melanie was tending to Lioness. It looked like she had used their last healing potion, but Lioness, was younger, so she still needed time to recover. Steve smiled. The skeleton general had been defeated. Everything was back to normal. But then he looked at Lioness limping across the room. Well, almost. he thought.

Chapter 13

Battle Turn-overs

DarknessWarrior looked across the battlefield. It looks like his users were winning. But that’s only because some weird things had happened. MidnightFlame, who was thought to be dead, had just ran through the battlefield, shouting, “The spiders are gone! The spiders are gone!” DarknessWarrior didn’t believe at first, but then he scanned the battlefield and saw none of those eight-legged monsters. Not one! Then the skeletons had gone mad and ran away, shouting, “Retreat! Retreat!” Of course, no one listened to them except the zombies, who were their best friends, and they would agree with anything the skeletons said. Then DarknessWarrior spotted King Skull. He looked furious! This will be the perfect time to attack him, DarknessWarrior thought. He scurried up behind the great beast and quickly slashed his sword. King Skull immediately turned around, full of rage. “It seems you have won. I might as well spare the rest of my warriors rather than have them killed at a reward of nothing. Retreat!” King Skull shouted. As King Skull walked away, DarknessWarrior heard him whisper, “Don’t worry, DarknessWarrior. We’ll come back to defeat you when you rule Minecraft,” shocked, DarknessWarrior backed away. How did he know about my plans? Someone next to King Skull heard him whisper. “What was that all about?” the user asked. DarknessWarrior snarled. “He lies,” he said. “Actually, he lies,” someone said behind him. DarknessWarrior turned around and his face flashed with more anger than it had ever had before. “You,” he said angrily. WhiteTiger09 smirked.

* * * * *

WhiteTiger09 stared at DarknessWarrior threateningly. “You know it’s true,” he said. DarknessWarrior frowned. “Fine. You have won,” he said. Then he turned to his troops. “We have defeated King Skull! You think I am your great hero, huh? Well, not anymore! Now I am your king! Bow to me, you weaklings!” he shouted. “No!” WhiteTiger shouted, jumping onto his neck. The other users stared, confused of which side to take. Then there was a small voice in the crowd. “You traitor!” the voice shouted, running toward DarknessWarrior. It was MidnightFlame027. “I knew you were suspicious!” MidnightFlame tackled DarknessWarrior. The gave the other users the momentum they needed. They all jumped at DarknessWarrior, their swords swinging wildly. DarknessWarrior swung his sword as hard as he could, knocking many users off him. He then shook the rest off and ran away. All of a sudden, a nether portal formed, not far away from the village. A player came out of the portal. Some users gasped, but MidnightFlame and WhiteTiger were not fooled. “Perfect timing, Herobrine!” DarknessWarrior said as he jumped into the portal, a wide grin on his face. Moments after, the portal disappeared. The crowd was silent for along time. But then a cheer broke out across all of the users. MidnightFlame smiled. “We won,” he said proudly. But WhiteTiger was not smiling. “He’ll be back,” he said. “He’ll be back.”


Heaven was lonely. Arrows was walking around, passing many of the mobs that had also died in the great battle. He looked below, spotting his skeleton army, that had gone mad, and the zombie army following them, which followed to the retreat of King Skull. Arrows sighed. His sacrifice had not been worth it. He looked around. Some stupid users were fighting each other for eternity, but when they died, they were just revived again because they were in heaven. What a waste of time. He looked down at the huge Minecraft world again. He then spotted DarknessWarrior trying to defend himself against his users. Wait, Arrows thought. Defending himself against his own army? That’s definitely not right, Then he saw DarknessWarrior run through a strange nether portal, which disappeared seconds later. Secrets still lie, Arrows thought. Too bad I’m in heaven. I’m just going to sit here and watch while they get all the action. Arrows sighed again. Heaven stunk.

* * * * *

DarknessWarrior walked across the hot netherrack. Netherrack could be set on fire and stay on fire for all of eternity, but it would never burn or spread. It was very strange. He followed Herobrine, who walked quickly around lava pools and shot down ghasts in instants. Herobrine was as great a fighter as he was! Finally Herobrine stopped. He looked straight ahead. DarknessWarrior stepped next to Herobrine to get a better view. In front of them was a large nether fortress. Then Herobrine pointed to the left of the fortress. There was a user with white eyes who was teleporting across the fortress. “Who’s that?” DarknessWarrior asked. Herobrine smiled. “We’ve hit the jackpot. That is the real Herobrine,” he said as he signaled the shivering DarknessWarrior to follow him into the nether fortress.

The End

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