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Chapter 6

Bad Things

Steve walked back to his lovely house. It was not fancy, but he loved it for a simple reason–it was the home of him and his family. His family was inside, basically. If his house had burned down, he would be disappointed. But if his house burned down and his family was still inside, he would be devastated. Steve loved his family more than anything else. He walked in. “Hi Steve,” Jellybeans greeted him. “What’s the news?” “The bad news was that we have figured out that King Skull is planning to attack us,” said Steve. “I mean, not like the spiders. He’s going to attack us with his whole army,” This brought his family’s attention. “When?” Melanie asked nervously. Steve sighed and looked at the floor. “We do not know when.” Steve was very worried. If they didn’t know when King Skull would attack them, he could easily land a surprise attack on them. “And the good news?” Lioness asked hopefully. Steve was hoping that she would not ask this question. His eyes met the floor. “There was none,” he said sadly. Steve’s family began to look worried. They obviously did not like the news. And Steve had to agree with them. This was some of the worst news they had heard in a long time.

* * * * *

SuperCreeper101 hated the snow. He had been traveling for days, trying to find a village. Why was he trying to find a village? A very good question. He was a griever. SuperCreeper101 was a very evil griever. In all of his past worlds, he would immediately search for a village. When he met up with a village, he would pretend to befriend all of the villagers. But then, one night in the village, he would do something truly horrible. While all the villagers were asleep, he would go out and blow up the village. So, SuperCreeper101 was walking across the cold snow, trying to dodge the falling snowflakes. Once in a while, he would find a tall spruce tree and plant a tree trap underneath it. Finally, he met up with a small house. Finally! A village! Yes, a very small one, but a village! he thought. He opened the door, expecting the horrified shriek of a villager living inside. But all SuperCreeper could hear was the creaking of the rusty hinges on the small oak door. This village is unusual, he thought. And slightly creepy. Suddenly, he heard a creak. Startled, SuperCreeper jumped back, only to hear another creak. It took him a moment to realize that the sounds were coming from his own feet stepping on the old and slightly rotten wood. As he went down a narrow hallway, two bats flew at his head and clawed him angrily. “Get off of me! Scram!” SuperCreeper shouted. When the bats didn’t leave, SuperCreeper took out his enchanted diamond sword and killed both bats in one shot. Stupid bats, SuperCreeper thought. They’re so annoying, and they don’t even drop anything! He angrily stomped his foot, making a loud creak. Suddenly, SuperCreeper heard a loud yawn. “Who dares to wake me from my sleep?” A voice boomed. Frightened, SuperCreeper took a step back. “I, S-S-SuperCreeper dare to w-w-wake you from your sleep!” he stammered. “Is that a challenge?” The voice said. Suddenly, SuperCreeper heard footsteps coming towards him as his opponent came face-to-face with him. SuperCreeper gasped at the sight of his opponent. It was someone who he hoped he never got to meet. It was Herobrine.

Chapter 7


MidnightFlame027 could not believe the news. The spiders – gone! This would help a ton in the huge battle. MidnightFlame stood carefully behind a large pillar in the temple. Mobs lurked the place everywhere. He was surrounded by mobs, only that none of them knew he was there. It gave MidnightFlame the creeps. He never wanted to visit King Skull’s giant palace, but he had to, in order to save his village. Imagine all of the lives that would be destroyed if King Skull’s army destroyed the village! It would be horrible! Only few would escape, and they wouldn’t have a place to live. But then MidnightFlame began to think a little. There are a lot of users that are not living in the village, he thought. Maybe I can go collect some more to help fight King Skull’s army! He peeked his head from out of the pillar. The mobs were leaving. Now there were only two mobs, but they were both very dangerous. One was a zombie with a full set of iron armor and an iron sword. The other was a skeleton with an enchanted bow. He was beginning to doubt his chances of escape. Suddenly, the zombie shouted, “A user!” and before he knew it, the skeleton shot him in the face. MidnightFlame was blinded with pain as blood ran down his forehead. He ran as fast as he could out of the cave. But instead of exiting the cave, he ran straight into King Skull. King Skull stepped back, shocked at the sudden approach of a user. MidnightFlame quickly ran around him. Suddenly, he heard an explosion behind him as King Wither threw a deadly flaming skull at him. It took a few seconds for him to realize that he was flying through the air, out of the cave. He braced himself, preparing to hit the ground hard and not survive. He barely made it out of the cave and safely landed in a pile of snow. A couple of mobs saw him, but he didn’t care. He was already running away. MidnightFlame had not been more scared in his whole life. I need to deliver the news! he thought. But his legs were not cooperating. One part of him was so scared and wanted to get as far away from King Skull as possible. So MidnightFlame just sighed and kept on running.

* * * * *

“You’re- You’re-” SuperCreeper stammered. “Yeah, I’m Herobrine. And all I know about you is that you’re going to die,” Herobrine said angrily. “It- It’s not a surprise that no- no one has defe- defeated Herobrine before,” SuperCreeper stammered. Herobrine’s face flashed with annoyance. “Stop your stammering, you scaredy-cat!” he yelled. Suddenly, SuperCreeper noticed something. “You’re not Herobrine…” he said suspiciously. “Of course I am, you idiot!” he yelled. SuperCreeper smirked. “Oh yeah? Then why aren’t your eyes white?” he challenged. “That’s IT!” Herobrine yelled. Herobrine walked on to a pressure plate. “See you in heaven,” he said as he ran into a mysterious Nether Portal. It had not been there before, so it must’ve been created by pistons. SuperCreeper tried to run after him, but was instead blown back by a giant explosion. He sat up, inspecting a giant cut on his right arm. He then noticed the room was starting to feel warm. Also, there was a bright orange glow that was starting to come from the ceiling. Before Herobrine had left, the house was almost pitch black. SuperCreeper looked above him and saw something very bad. Tons of lava was flowing down the ceiling. SuperCreeper panicked. He tried to mine out of the house, but a bunch of pistons had replaced the smelly plank walls with indestructible bedrock. He then heard the strange creak of footsteps on the old wood floor, which were, of course, his own footsteps. Wait. That’s it! A wood floor! SuperCreeper thought. Mr. Smarty over there didn’t think of everything, he chuckled as he took out his diamond pickaxe and mined straight down, something you should never do in Minecraft.

Chapter 8

DarknessWarrior’s Secret

SuperCreeper101 was in a great mood. He had just escaped from the so called “Herobrine” that had tricked him and almost trapped him in a wall of bedrock. Bedrock, how did he get that anyways? SuperCreeper wondered, not noticing the strange noises that sounded like users talking. Finally, the noise overtook his thoughts and his mind came back into the present. There must be some users done there that are mining in a cave, he thought. Maybe I can surprise attack them and steal all their precious ores. I hope they’ve found some diamonds. SuperCreeper chuckled. Finally, he fell into the cave that the users were mining in. Surprised, the users around him ran around in confusion. SuperCreeper laughed at the users’ silly acts. The he saw a user emerge from the lava. He must have a fire resistance potion, SuperCreeper thought. Those things are awesome. And he might have more! SuperCreeper lunged at the user. He just had time to see his profile name: DarknessWarrior. DarknessWarrior swiftly dodged his attack, and SuperCreeper flew into the lava. He quickly got out and put a bucket of water beneath him. The other users started to attack them, but they moved slowly through the running water, and SuperCreeper pushed them back easily. SuperCreeper looked at DarknessWarrior and threatened, “Give me your diamonds and your fire resistance potions, or you all die!” The other users were thinking about giving up, seeing SuperCreeper skilled battle tactics, but DarknessWarrior said, “Why would we do that when you are out numbered?” The users chuckled, coming back to DarknessWarrior’s side. Then DarknessWarrior took out some TNT. “I am sorry for the inconvenience,” he said smiling as he began to place loads of TNT. “Everyone out!” DarknessWarrior shouted. SuperCreeper was about to laugh at him for forgetting to light the TNT, but then he saw the pit of lava nearby and frowned, unhappy of his defeat. But then again, he could make this a victory. He smiled as he used the elevator trick and positioned himself high in the air and far out of the TNTs’ reach. He watched it create a ginormous crater in the cave. He scanned the area. Diamonds! Everywhere! SuperCreeper, smiling with happiness, went over to mine the diamonds. When he was done, he had at least twenty. “This will be essential for my revenge against him – DarknessWarrior. He will meet his doom soon… Very soon…

* * * * *

DarknessWarrior walked out of the cave. hate grievers, he thought. They are always so violent, always want to Kill! Kill! Kill! and gain the resources of their enemies. But then he laughed. When I rule Minecraft, I’ll get rid of all those grievers. He laughed again. All those users trust me with their heart and soul and will give their life to save me. But what they don’t know is that after we destroy King Skull’s army, I will rule Minecraft and destroy any who doubt me! He laughed a third time, sounding quite evil. He smiled. He was practicing his evil laugh for when he conquered Minecraft. Then he saw BillyBobJoe run towards him. “Have you heard anything about my friend, MidnightFlame027? You sent him off to get information from King Skull!” he shouted. DarknessWarrior’s face fell. “He has been destroyed.” he said sadly. “NOOOOOOOO!” BillyBobJoe shouted as he ran around in circles, sobbing at the loss of his best friend. But honestly, DarknessWarrior had just been faking. He really didn’t care if one of his puny users died. But then he began to wonder. Was he still alive?

Chapter 9

The Deadly Truth

MidnightFlame027 tripped as he ran in the cold snow, falling flat on his face. It didn’t hurt much though, since the snow was soft, and he got up and kept on running. Soon he ran into a lone snow golem. This snow golem can protect me for a while, MidnightFlame thought. I wonder who spawned him. The snow golem circled MidnightFlame, inspecting him. MidnightFlame loved the snowy weather. When he was a kid, he would always be so excited when it snowed. He would have so much fun making snow golems and having snowball fights with them. Obviously, the snow golems would always win, but he still thought it was fun. Sometimes he would find a patch of ice and go ice skating. But these were different times. He was alone with his snow golem, fighting for survival. Suddenly, MidnightFlame heard footsteps coming towards him. He looked behind him and saw a user named WhiteTiger09. “I see you have befriended my snow golem,” he said as the snow golem ran to meet his owner. MidnightFlame looked at WhiteTiger hopefully. “I’m lost. Could I stay at your house until daytime?” he asked, spying the orange sun setting behind a tall mountain in the distance. “Perhaps,” WhiteTiger said smiling. “Follow me.” MidnightFlame thanked him and followed him to a large igloo. The warmth of the furnace felt good after running in the cold snow. “I hope your hungry,” WhiteTiger said, handing him some cooked salmon. “This is delicious!” MidnightFlame exclaimed as he took a bite of the fish. “Yeah. There’s some good fish out in the ponds near my igloo. We could go catch some more in the morning if you want,” WhiteTiger said. “That would be fun!” said MidnightFlame. “Hey, I was wondering, a bunch of users and I are trying to defeat King Skull and his minions. Could you join us?” “I’m sorry, my friend, but I am very peaceful. I do not want to go into war.” WhiteTiger answered. “That’s okay. DarknessWarrior and his users can just find other users to help us,” MidnightFlame said. WhiteTiger almost fell out of his chair. “Did you say DarknessWarrior?!?” he asked surprised. “Yeah. What’s the big deal about him?” MidnightFlame asked, confused. “He is not a good guy! I know what he is like. Do you know what DarknessWarrior did before he started his army?” WhiteTiger asked him. “Well, I haven’t asked,” MidnightFlame replied. “It’s a long story,” WhiteTiger started. MidnightFlame sat back in his chair. “I’m ready,” he said. “So, I first met DarknessWarrior when I was little. My parents, OhGolly512 and Susie505, took me out in the snow to play one day. I was excited when I saw DarknessWarrior because I had never had a playmate before since I was the only child. DarknessWarrior was very violent. He threw hard snowballs and made fun of me. I was about to go home when I saw DarknessWarrior’s parents, Why638 and Barb.#1, talking with mine. I decided to eavesdrop while DarknessWarrior was trying to kill our snow golem. Luckily, he didn’t succeed, since he’s still here,” As if on cue, the snow golem peeked in through a small window. “So this is what I heard them say: “Why are you here? I told you that it was forbidden for you to come back here!” OhGolly shouted at Why and Barb.#1. “It’s not like you’re our boss,” Why shouted back. “Leave!” Susie retorted. “I can see your destructive son over there isn’t doing so well here either,” Barb.#1’s face flashed with anger. “How dare you insult our beloved son!” he shouted. Then he did something I will never forgive him for. He took out a diamond sword and struck Susie – hard. I then did the only thing I could do. I signaled my snow golem to follow me, and I ran away. DarknessWarrior was confused and angry by the sudden movement of the snow golem, but was easily distracted again when he spotted his parents fighting with my parents. Everyone destroyed each other, and in the end, the only survivor was DarknessWarrior,”

Chapter 10

The Argument

Arrows sighed. How could King Skull be so stupid? Sure, Pounce disobeyed his orders, but if he fired Pounce, his army would just get smaller, which left a better chance of DarknessWarrior winning the great battle that was yet to come. This was also the loss of a friend. Also, more users were coming in to try and spy on them. Arrows had to keep a better eye out for more. Already he had seen two, who both escaped. There might have been more that escaped unnoticed. He decided to report this to King Skull, but then changed his mind since King Skull was in a bad mood. He obviously did not want to hear even more bad news. Nearby Arrows heard a loud laugh. He looked in the direction of the chuckle and saw Particles. “He never did follow orders did he?” he chuckled. Hiss nearby hissed at Particles. “Well, it seems your in a good mood today,” he said. “Not that anybody cares,” Particles glared at Hiss as the other creepers laughed. Arrows had never seen Hiss sound so rude in a long while. Not that Particles didn’t deserve it. “You know that I’m much stronger than you, Hiss.” Particles threatened. “Yes, but if you kill me, Arrows over there will report you to King Skull and he will have you leave just like he had Pounce do. You’ll feel so miserable and I will laugh at you from the heavens!” Hiss said, laughing so hard he almost cried. The other creepers started laughing too. This made Particles and his army of endermen extremely angry. Hiss saw the look on his face and said, “You may be angry, but if you hurt me, Arrows will report you,” he smirked as he signaled his army to leave. Particles looked angrily at Arrows, then smiled. “If I kill you, and no one is around, who will report me then?” he said, chuckling. His army of endermen smiled and chuckled evilly. “I will,” said a voice behind Arrows. Arrows looked behind him and saw his best friend, Puncher. Puncher, Arrows, and the endermen army began to argue. Suddenly, a booming voice sounded. “What is going on here?” King Skull asked, stepping into the room. Particles looked nervously at King Skull. “Nothing, your highness. We were just… figuring out a plan to defeat DarknessWarrior and his army,” he said. King Skull glared at him. “Only I do that,” he said. “Yes, sire. I’m very sorry.” Particles replied, stepping into the shadows. Arrows smiled as he walked down the corridor. Puncher noticed this. “What is it?” he asked.  Arrows smiled again and said, “I have finally discovered Particles’s only fear – King Skull,”

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The Invasion Episode II

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