King Skull










Chapter 1

The Plan

The skeleton general, Arrows, led his massive army of deadly skeletons into the cave. The strange cave’s entrance was marked by stone blocks in the middle of nowhere. Endermen, he thought, annoyed. They may be deadly, but I hate them very so. He walked into the cave, his massive army following close behind him. They soon met up with the creepers. Hiss, the creeper general waved at Arrows and smiled. Although his name described him differently, Hiss was a very friendly and kind creeper. That is, unless his enemy was around. If his enemy was around, he was ferocious. Just like all other creepers, he would sacrifice his very own life to get a chance to kill his enemy. Arrows hoped that it would never come to that. Then came the spiders. With their amazing speed, the spider army was in front of the skeleton army in no time. The spider general, Pounce, jumped around excitedly, speeding across the cold, dark stone. Then came the slimes. They bounced everywhere, the babies pushing each other around knowing that they did no damage. Arrows would be so angry if he was one of those tiny slimes. He could do nothing but bounce around, annoying his enemies. He was lucky to be a skeleton. The slime general, Bouncy, jumped quickly, trying to stay ahead of his massive slime army. Finally, the zombies. The zombies may have had a stench, but they were Arrows’s best friend. The zombie general, Puncher,  saw him and ran up to him. “What’s up?” He said as he gave Arrows a big hug. Arrows nose was filled with an overwhelming odor, but he didn’t care. “Hi, Puncher!” he said. All of the other skeletons and zombies stopped marching and went to greet their friends too. Arrows looked back at the big crowd hugging and high-fiving each other. The zombies and skeletons were the best of friends! “See you at the meeting!” said Arrows. He then walked away from Puncher and continued marching. “Skeletons! Continue!” He shouted. Finally, he met up with the endermen. The leader, Particles, glared at him. But neither of them said a word. They just kept on walking. Finally, they got to the mob palace. All of the mobs marched into their positions. Then the generals marched to the center of the palace. In front of them was a huge, golden throne for the king. “Greetings, mobs! I am so glad that you have gathered together. I finally get to tell you my glorious plan! After it has been out, us overworld mobs will rule all of Minecraft!” Everyone cheered as a giant Wither, named King Skull, stepped out of the room.

* * * * *

Steve stayed in the shadows, listening carefully to King Skull’s ‘brilliant’ plan. But he had to be very cautious. If even one mob saw him, it would yell out, “Steve’s spying on us!” and he would be killed immediately. “All of us mobs should attack at once! DarknessWarrior only has an army of a hundred, and we have an army of a thousand!” King Skull said. “We’re collecting even more mobs by the second too!” He said, spying a slime hopping into the cave at the other entrance. Uh-oh, said Steve. If a mob comes in at the entrance I took, I’ll be seen! “There’s one problem,” said Pounce. “DarknessWarrior might try to collect more users!” King Wither glared at Pounce, obviously not used to being doubted. “Well, do you have a better idea?” he said, annoyed. “Actually, yes. I do have a better plan, my lord. We should attack him now, before he has a chance,” Pounce answered, his eight glowing eyes filled with pride. The mobs started to argue, but King Skull quieted them. “Did any of you realize,” King Skull started. “That Pounce’s plan was the exact same thing as mine?” King Skull glared at Pounce “You just did that to earn pride from the other mobs!” King Skull shouted at Pounce angrily. Pounce looked at the floor, feeling guilty. This caused the spiders to get angry. They hissed at King Skull until their throats hurt. “Quiet, all of you miserable spiders! I am not done explaining my brilliant plan!” King Skull shouted at the spiders. Brilliant, ha! Steve thought. It won’t be so brilliant if you walk straight into a trap! Steve chuckled. If Steve and the other users figured out King Skull’s plan, he would fail. Steve and the other users would set up a trap for King Skull and win the battle. But an overwhelming stench suddenly filled his nose, interrupting his thoughts of defeating King Skull. The stinky odor reminded him of only one thing–a zombie. A zombie was coming through the entrance he had taken! He ran back through the cave right past the zombie. The zombie looked at the blur of speed, confused. What a fast mob! He thought. I wonder why it’s running out of the cave instead of into the cave, Still confused, the zombie kept walking through the cave, making sure not to be late to hear King Skull’s brilliant plan to destroy the DarknessWarrior and his fellow users.

Chapter 2


Steve walked across the beautiful green grass. It was just a simple creation in Minecraft, but Steve loved it! Looking around, he looked at the tall trees and hills dotting the landscape. He sheared passing sheep and pet the wolves. Minecraft was so beautiful! That was why he could not let King Skull and his army of mobs destroy Minecraft. Looking in front of him, he saw his wolves sitting on the grass, waiting for him to return. They wore red collars around their neck, which was a sign that they were his wolves. He gave them each a bone and signaled them to follow him back to the village where all the users lived. The wolves followed Steve across the landscape as the sun turned a brilliant orange as it met the horizon. Finally, when the sun disappeared, Steve was at the village. He was greeted by some users like AlexTheMan and HippoMaster398, who stayed up for most of the night to fight off the mobs that came to the village. He walked across the grass until he met up with Jellybeans257, who guarded his house every night. “Hi!” he said to Jellybeans257. Jellybeans smiled. “Did you get some useful information from King Skull?” he asked excitedly. Steve’s face fell at the reminder of his failure. “No, I did not.” he said sadly. His wolves whimpered, unhappy to see their master sad. Jellybeans257 protected the wolves as they slept outside near the house, just as he had every night. Steve opened the door and entered his home. He was greeted by Melanie222, who was the sitting in the kitchen eating an apple. “Glad you survived!” she said smiling. She was always worried about Steve’s health points. She tossed him an apple. “Hope your hungry!” she replied. Steve smiled and went up the stairs. There was the bedroom, which contained four beds, one for each member of the family. Sleeping in one of them was the younger Lioness68. She was only 8 years old, and Steve had come back to the village during her bedtime. When Steve took one step, Lioness opened her eyes. “Hi, Steve!” She said, smiling. “Hello,” Steve said as he climbed into bed. “Goodnight, Lioness,” “Goodnight!” Lioness said in reply as she closed her eyes. Steve laid down. The bed felt so cozy and warm after the long, tiring day. Steve closed his eyes and soon fell asleep. But neither of them noticed the strange noises outside.

* * * * *

Jellybeans257 sat down on the soft, green grass, petting Steve’s wolves. Sometimes, Jellybeans would spot the occasional zombie or spider. But rarely did he see an army of mobs. This is why Jellybeans had a beacon. If Jellybeans was overwhelmed with a lot of mobs attacking at once, he would place down the beacon. Users close to him would immediately come to Jellybeans’s aid. Jellybeans was used to this, sitting out in the cold night doing nothing. But he was used to it, and was glad to help keep his family safe. His family. That was the only reason that Jellybeans was committing to protecting the village during the nighttime. If anything happened to his family, Jellybeans would freak out. His family were the most important people in his life. Melanie, the caring one. Lioness, the young one. And Steve, the brave one. He loved every bit of everyone in his family. Suddenly, he saw a spider. He quickly took out his diamond sword and ran over to the eight legged monster. The red eyes stared at him as the legs of the spider walked toward him in a fury. But, of course, the spider was no match for Jellybeans. He killed the spider quickly and harvested it’s string and spider eye. The string would be made into a bow, and the spider eye was an ingredient of some potions. Both items were useful. He might even make Lioness her first bow! Yes, that’s what he would do. Lioness would love it! Before he could think of what to make with the spider eye, Jellybeans heard more spider noises. He looked to his right and saw tons of spiders, at least twenty of them. Jellybeans immediately took out the beacon and placed it down in front of him.

Chapter 3

The Attack

Steve woke to a blinding light that was filling his bedroom. He looked out the window and saw the light source–a beacon. Lioness woke up seconds after him. “What’s happening?” she asked, confused. “I don’t know,” Steve said, thinking back to what Jellybeans told him about a beacon popping out of nowhere during the nighttime. Finally, he found the memory. A long time ago, before Lioness was even born, Jellybeans committed to protect his house. He was given supplies, such as iron armor, a diamond sword, and a beacon. DarknessWarrior, the leader of the users, had told him that he would place the beacon down when he was having a lot of trouble fighting off a bunch of monsters at once. Warriors would come to his side as quick as they could. “Jellybeans’s in trouble,” Steve said nervously, opening the chest by his bed. “I have to help him.” He grabbed his emergency army and sword and ran down the stairs. Melanie saw him and immediately knew what he was doing. “You might need this,” she said, throwing him a healing potion, a worried look on her face. Steve went outside and saw a giant horde of the eight-legged monsters, spiders. So far there were three warriors fighting the spiders–HippoMaster398, GotSkills, and Player#7, which was not enough to feet the spiders. He then saw Jellybeans knocked out on the ground in front of him. “Jellybeans!” he shouted. He knelt down to Jellybeans and took out his healing potion. Dripping the liquid into his mouth, he immediately opened his eyes. Steve helped him up. Meanwhile, more beacons were placed to signal other, farther warriors to join the fierce battle. Steve signaled Jellybeans to go back inside the house and joined the battle with the eight legged menaces. The spiders battled with all their might, leaping and slashing at the other users. They didn’t stand a chance against the horde. Steve fought his hardest until he was very tired and his health bar had dropped so low that he would probably be knocked out any minute. Then he finally ran inside the house. Melanie was sitting at the table, tending to Jellybeans. Steve went upstairs and saw Lioness sitting up on her bed. Her face was filled with terror, her eyes glues to the nearby window. As Steve looked at the window, he saw tons of hairy legs climbing up the window. Suddenly, the windows started to break. Lioness screamed as the spiders began to crawl into the room. “Don’t worry! I’ll protect you, Lioness!” Steve shouted, slashing the spiders with his iron sword. “But Steve! You’ll die! You have low health, I can see it!” Lioness shouted as she started to cry. The spiders attacked Steve with all of their might. But right before he drifted into unconsciousness, he could see users climbing through the window and attacking the spiders.

* * * * *

Arrows chuckled as he looked across the village at the spiders. It was funny how such a small portion of King Wither’s army could do so much damage. The spiders had been defeated, but Arrows did not care. He knew that Steve and some of the other users were very weak because of the attack. Arrows would attack them as well, but not know. The time was not right. It would be daylight soon, witch would cause him to die before he even got to the village. Arrows ran under the shade of a tree to stay safe from the burning wrath of the sun. It was not fair that his army would burn up if it met up with the blinding sun, unlike some other mobs. This again reminded him about the endermen, and the memory filled him with hatred. Endermen. Arrows thought, and sighed. Endermen were just big, mean, teleporting bullies that filled Arrows hated with all of his soul. Particles and his army had made fun of his army countless times. Once they had even attacked them to show how weak they were! Arrows was not weak. He was strong! He killed a pig in one shot of his enchanted bow just to show his strength. One day, he would get his revenge on Particles, and it would not be pretty…

Chapter 4

The Horrible News

Steve opened eyes to find himself resting in his bed. He sat up. Good, he thought. The spiders are gone. He saw Lioness wake up and run over to him. “Steve!” she yelled and hugged him. Steve smiled, for he was glad to be alive too. “The warriors told me you were alive, but I wasn’t so sure,” Lioness said, a tear of joy crawling down her cheek. “I’m sorry I scared you,” Steve said. “I’m just glad your alive,” Lioness replied, hugging Steve even tighter. “Is Jellybeans okay?” Steve asked. “See for yourself,” Lioness answered, pointing to the bed next to his. In it was Jellybeans, who was sound asleep. Steve heard the door open. It was Melanie, coming back from her daily routine of collecting her crops each morning. She walked up the stairs to the bedroom carrying a large bundle of wheat and a bag full of carrots and potatoes. “Good morning!” She said joyfully. “Good morning!” Lioness replied. “I’m hungry. Can you make some food?” Melanie laughed. “Of course, sweetie!” She said walking into the kitchen. As Steve walked down the stairs, he could see Melanie boiling potatoes over the furnace. Jellybeans went outside to collect his beacon. Lioness sat down at the table. Melanie gave her a warm potato and a cookie. “Yay!” Lioness shouted joyfully at first sight of the delicious cookie. Melanie tossed Steve a potato as he walked out the door to the meeting she had told him about. There was a family member from each family that went to each meeting, which was held at the temple. In Steve’s family, he had been chosen to be that person. When Steve came back from meetings, he usually had good news–and bad news. He walked across the green grass, which was softly ruffling against his skin. Steve loved the feeling of that. He petted his wolves as they barked happily at the sight of their beloved master. His wolves followed him to the giant temple. Finally, Steve and his wolves reached the temple. It was ginormous! Glowstone filled the walls, which were made all out of gold blocks. Steve could never believe how hard it would’ve been for a bunch of users to collect so much gold. Steve walked across the cobblestone path, which led to the entrance. About 30 users, one from each family, surrounded the outskirts of the temple. In the middle stood the great leader of all of these users–DarknessWarrior. Users stood in awe, staring at their leader. DarknessWarrior was the best leader that Steve could ever have. He was a great strategist and had extremely good fighting skills. He always cared for hurt users, and felt bad when warriors died to King Skull’s evil mobs. And finally, he was a great miner. He had given all of the overnight warriors full sets of iron armor, and he himself had a full set of diamond armor enchanted with Projectile Protection III and Thorns II. His diamond sword was enchanted with Sharpness IV and Fire Aspect II. He was really the king of users! “Attention, everyone!” DarknessWarrior shouted. “King Skull is sending more and more mobs to attack us. Last night, there was a problem. A horde of about 20 spiders attacked our village. Many warriors were wounded and almost killed. But I did send Steve to spy on King Skull. Come up here, Steve, and tell us what you discovered,” Steve walked up to DarknessWarrior. “I did not get much information before I had to run away, but I did find out one thing,” Steve said. The crowd of users held their breath, hoping for the best. “King Skull is planning to attack us very soon, and this time, he said that he would bring his entire army,” Steve finished. The crowd panicked. Steve felt that way too. “Hush!” DarknessWarrior boomed. “We’ll have to collect more warriors, and fast. We will have to be prepared for King Skull’s army to attack at any time,” “What if all of the other users have been killed by King Skull’s army?” A voice from the crowd asked. Now the crowd was really panicking. One of the users was going crazy and running all over the place saying, “WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE! WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!” over and over and over and it was getting pretty annoying. DarknessWarrior sighed. “Meeting closed. I’ll have to think about this later,” he said. Steve walked out of the temple feeling quite sad. His wolves howled, not used to seeing their master unhappy. This time, the meeting had no good news. It was just bad news. Very bad news (Except for that crazy user who was screaming WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE! That was pretty funny. Steve had to tell that to Lioness. She would totally crack up). But overall, Steve and all of the other users in the village were in big trouble.

Chapter 5

The Mobs

Arrows creeped across the cold stone, careful not to make any noise. Tons of purple particles floated across the cave. They’re near, Arrows thought. He crept across the cave, holding his enchanted bow tightly in his hand. “There they are,” said Puncher. The voice scared him for a second, but then he remembered that his best friend Puncher was at his side, helping him to defeat Particles. Arrows had brought Puncher along because his bow didn’t work against enderman. Everyone knew that if you tried to shoot an enderman with a bow and arrows, it would teleport away at the last moment, even if it didn’t see the arrow coming. Arrows heard a sound coming from behind him. He froze. “Do you hear that?” Arrow whispered. Puncher stopped in his tracks. He also heard the strange noise behind them, which was beginning to sound like footsteps. “Who’s there?” Arrows shouted in a booming voice. The footsteps sound began to get louder as the sound came closer. Finally, a user came into view. His name was MasterSlayer369. He skidded to a halt when he saw Arrows and Puncher. Arrows quickly notched an arrow and shot the user in the arm. MasterSlayer screamed in pain. He slashed his sword at Arrows’s head, but Arrows quickly ducked as Puncher came up behind the user and landed a painful blow with his iron sword, causing the user to scream again. Meanwhile, all of this commotion had woken up Particles. He got out of bed and teleported towards the fight. “What the heck is going on here?” he asked when he saw Arrows and Puncher battling the user. Arrows frowned at him. “Oops. Puncher, let the user escape. We have bigger problems on our hands,” Puncher let the user go and looked towards Particles. “What do you mean you have bigger problems on your hands? Is this some kind of joke?” Particles asked angrily, his fists preparing for battle. “Um… Uh…” Puncher answered mindlessly. Particles teleported over to Arrows and punched him hard. “That’s for waking me up! Now leave!” he shouted angrily as he teleported back into his room. Arrows fell back, hitting the hard stone. Puncher rushed to his aid. Arrows sat up, his mind blinded with pain. “We failed. We’ll have to come with a better strategy next time,”

* * * * *

Pounce stepped back, frightened by the angry King Skull. “WHY DID YOU SEND OUT YOUR SPIDERS WITHOUT PERMISSION?!?” he shouted angrily. Pounce yelped, backing up in fright. “Come back here, you fool!” King Skull shouted. King Skull was an extreme fury like never before. Pounce slowly scurried back to him. “Do you want to be fired?” King Skull asked threateningly. Pounce shrunk back. “No, my lord. Please give me mercy,” he pleaded. King Skull’s face just became more angry. “If I am your lord…” he questioned. “…why do you disobey my specific commands?” “Um..” Pounce said nervously. King Skull’s face returned to its regular neutral state. There was a long moment of silence. Pounce face began to brighten a little, having hope that he would be forgiven. But two words from King Skull evil mouth vanquished his smile. “You’re fired,” said King Skull. Pounce’s face fell in disbelief. It took him several seconds for him to realize what his master had just said. “Go! Leave this place! Didn’t you hear? You’re fired!” King Skull shouted angrily. Pounce sadly scurried away. He signaled his spider army to follow him. In a commotion of whispers and worried faces, the spiders followed Pounce outside of the temple. As Pounce and his army left the temple, Arrows saw them. Pounce’s face looked nothing like it had before. Pounce was always excited. But this time, he looked sad. Extremely sad. Puncher put a hand on his shoulder. “Did you hear?” he asked sadly. “Pounce was fired,”


To be continued



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