The Dragon’s Quest

by Kyle Derksen

Of all things, the flying beast,
sharp claws and warm breath at the very least.
Flying high to fulfill his quest,
for a dangerous dragon he is.

Searching high and low to find his treasure
he lost to a man with a brave good measure,
who leaped into his cave with much ferocity,
took his gold and stole his jewelry.
Then he stripped the dragon and left him half-dead,
and now that dragon wanted his head.

So on a long journey the dragon has been
to take back his treasure from that man, and then
punish him dearly for his crime
by turning him into a pile of slime.

Finally, his journey had come to an end,
as when the dragon turned a bend,
he saw the house he recognized
as the house of the man who had terrorized
and who filled his lungs with a bucket of water
and stole his gold while he teetered and tottered.
And when he finally fell to the floor,
the man did not leave, instead he did more.
He laughed at the dragon and made him quake,
but that was the last mistake he’d ever make.

So the dragon burned down his house into ash
and he found the place where his treasure was stashed,
then he went to the man and poked out his eyes
and tore off his fingers to eat them bite size.
Then he kicked his butt and left him dead and blind,
breaking several of his bones (to be exact, nine).

So the moral of this poem is when you see one,
you should never mess with any type of dragon.



by Kyle Derksen

Some people think that Bob is drunk,
because all day he does such funk
like farting in a closet until it stunk
of the putrid smell of old milk stale.

So when his mom asked, “Where are you?”
and walked into his closet too,
she fainted instantly at the smell like poo,
and there she lay to this very day.

But I think that’s just how Bob is,
no alcohol for him, don’t argue please.
For I want to tell you about Bob’s quiz,
where he got an A on the very first day.

Bob didn’t have the courage and he started to fret,
burned his quiz and said he forgot it.
So the teacher asked, “What score did you get?”
Bob said 100 and teacher believed it.

After that day, Bob was feared,
as the students thought he hypnotized the teacher.
But to this day, I haven’t got to meet her;
seems there’s always a sub after that talk with Bob.

There are many other things that Bob has done,
but I don’t really want to mention some;
they’re kind of inappropriate (involving buns),
so that ends the story of Bob.


Black Widow Rap (NEW)

by Kyle Derksen

So small, yet so vicious,
makes the fearless beast flinch.
Infinite string at my fingertips,
just listen here for a pinch:

Bugs beware of the invisible trap,
‘Cause at collision that bug goes snap,
just waiting there for me to lap
at his blood and leave him to rot.
You think I can’t rap?
Well, that’s what I’ve got.

‘Cause people know be my the red spot on my back,
and they scream and go back track,
yo, fear’s not what people lack
when they see me eating a tasty snack!

I’m not a fly or gnat, no,
not a black wife, but a black widow.



a Minecraft Poem by Kyle Derksen

My friends think Minecraft’s pretty lame,
but really, it’s my favorite game.
Fighting monsters through the night,
killing everything in sight.

Does that sound mean? I’m not surprised,
’cause I’m very honest, ‘tell no lies,
in Minecraft I’m really a wanted killer!
(To pigs and chickens, quite a thriller…)
Monsters hate me more than ever,
Zombies, creepers, even those from the nether!
I am wanted everywhere,
known greatly for my famous stare
I use on my prey, meaning “time for death,”
and of my prey? There’s nothing left.

In PvP servers, it’s just the same,
ruining everybody’s game.
Such a sniper, my pointed shafts
just always happen to find another’s back.
And as a swordsman, I’m good too,
but if you ever meet me soon,
in three seconds, you’ll be dead,
and you’ll find yourself back in your bed!

Eyes glowing brightly white,
people know me by Herobrine…


Fairy Tale Adventure

by Kyle Derksen

Cinderella, prancing through the night
with the prince at her hand, a wonderful sight.
Fairy tales are a magical thing,
with fantasy lands and great songs to sing.

The beast, all so beastly, yet a kind young fellow,
looks very dangerous, though he’s really quite mellow,
took the hand of a princess, the Beauty of the kingdom,
and danced and danced, though none really saw them.

Up the beanstalk, climb, Jack, climb,
above the clouds, to the giants’ time.
Steal the egg, and then back down,
but don’t let the giant follow you to the ground!

Who knew that normal children could learn how to fly,
or that fairies existed, or mermaids and ticking crocodiles?
Peter Pan did! The one from Neverland,
the one who fought Captain Hook, the pirate with one hand!

The seven dwarves, all different feelings,
including happy, bashful, sneezy, and dopey.
The evil witch with the poison apple,
hate towards Snow White, the beauty of the castle.

Fairy tales are truly magical stories,
holding fantasies, enchanting songs, and imaginative fairies,
they are the stories the world must know!
(To bad Harry Potter isn’t one of them too)



A Harry Potter poem by Kyle Derksen

Large, sharp talons, standing tall,
the greatest, friendliest beast of all;
Hagrid took much time to seek
the hippogriff named Buckbeak.

Flying wildly across the lands,
on his back, a faithful friend.
Searching for their destination,
the two together equal abomination.
Dropping lower to the ground,
catch a mouse that he had found,
then up you go, continuing flight,
sharp eyes see everything in sight.
Because there’s no hippogriff to see
that is more valiant and loyal than Buckbeak!


Track (NEW)

by Kyle Derksen

Why am I so wiped out today?
Well, that’s what I am here to say.
Got permission out of school
to go to track during school schedule!

A track meet is an exciting place
to watch all the amazing kids go race.
Who will win? You’ll never know
unless you go and see the show.

Mile runners slow it down,
while sprinters drive it to the ground.
Jumpers soaring through the air,
while shot putters show their strength out there!
But at the end is the coolest part,
’cause you’ll get to see the relay start.
The relay run is very tense;
one wrong hand-off means disqualification.

Track is an amazing sport,
there’s many events of every sort.



by Kyle Derksen

Starting clean with pawns in front,
100% strategy, 0% luck.
‘Cause I’m playing a game of chess
against a giant ball of stress!

Move the second pawn to my right,
I’m always first if I’m always white.
Moving pieces set to win,
though the game has only just begun.

My opponent’s unskilled (and kind of dumb),
and it wasn’t long before I’d won.
But then comes someone who could beat me bad,
“Want to play me now?” asked my dad.

I moved the pawn in front of me,
but my dad, he opened up his king!
What was his plan? I had no clue.
“Don’t worry,” he said. “I’ll show you soon.”

I soon found out it was a trap;
he’d looked at the entire map
and blocked all the checks that I could do,
then led an attack force against me too.

My player formations were a mess,
my dad had won the game of chess!
But I’d learned much from his strategy,
“So, rematch?” I asked. My dad agreed.


Magical Snow

by Kyle Derksen

Crystal white and clear,
sadly fades away
when summer falls dangerously near,
no more snow for play.

Falling from the sky,
school says it’s a form of precipitation,
but really, I’m not a smart guy;
I believe it’s magic or imagination.

It’s too good to be falling from fluffy white clouds!
No, I won’t believe it!
It must come from magical white winter fairies!
But no knows its secret.

Snow, you are melting away now.
See you next winter.



by Kyle Derksen
In loving memory of an old leafy
friend before he was finally cut down.

A tree in the woods,
standing tall,
taller than all.
Creating oxygen
for us to use,
with nothing to lose.
A barkly monster
with leafy branches,
that tree still standing
large and mighty
over all,
standing tall.

Protect the forest from the wood carvers,
seeking wood to choose the latter:
Money or trees? I’d choose trees,
but unfortunately, they choose money.
Manufactured into planks,
used for houses, drawers, cabinets,
pencils, tables, furnishings,
now you must learn, listen closely, sonny.
Trees provide for us, so we should do the same,
not send carvers with axes in hand!
Let’s try to protect our lovely forest
with everything we’ve got!

Join me as we protect our trees.
A message from the author.


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2 thoughts on “Poems

  • August 31, 2017 at 6:44 pm

    I just went on this site for the first time since like, 3rd grade these poems are awesome keep wrighting Paws

    • September 2, 2017 at 7:48 pm

      Thanks! And yes, I am working on a new poem that will be on this site soon which expresses my love for potatoes. Please comment your favorite poem so that I can see which one is favorited the most.
      No, I don’t think I am going to continue writing Paws though. Since I wrote it when I was so young, the plot line is kind of silly. It’s mainly just to look back at what kind of stories I used to write when I was young.


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