Bloxels is a fun and easy video game creator for kids as young as four to teenagers and adults. I myself have also created some really cool video games on this awesome creator. I suggest that you try it at home on your iPad or iPhone 6+ (whatever device you have that has a particularly large screen) and explore it (it is free and does not cost anything, if you were wondering. Download the free Bloxels app here). Before long, you’ll be entering Bloxels contests of all kinds!
Speaking of Bloxels contests, I was on CBS47 and KSEE24 news because I won one of these cool contests: Kids as Video Game Makers (KVGM) 2016. Later I was in an article in the Fresno Bee.
Bloxels puts in a new contest every three or four months. But enter now, and quick – the contests begin to get harder and harder as more people start using Bloxels and start entering different contests. There are three different age groups: 6 and under, 7-10, and 11-14. Since I am 11, my game, Techno Planet, won the 11-14 age group.
When getting into Bloxels, you can get onto the Infinity Wall. The Infinity Wall is a place where Bloxels creators of all sorts share their boards, animations, backgrounds, characters, or, most importantly, games that they have created. You can locate my award-winning game, Techno Planet, at the coordinates -13, -19 in the free Bloxels app. Have fun exploring Bloxels, and make sure to enter their next contest!

P.S. Thank you to all of the people at Bloxels reading this article! I assume that you have put lots of time into making this fun and easy game creator and I highly appreciate your effort. Thank you again and make sure to expand the creator with all of your cool new ideas!


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