Blood Dragons and Cake

Kyle Derksen


“How are you Drake?” Raymond asked me curiously. His cold stone grin seemed permanently etched into his face.

“Get to the point,” I responded blankly. There was no way I would be allowing Raymond’s silver tongue to penetrate my defenses.

Raymond laughed halfheartedly. “Stop, Drake,” he interjected. “It really doesn’t have to be this way.”

I smirked. “You say that every time. If anything, it makes you less convincing.”

“I really mean it this time,” he said, raising his hand in an attempt to emphasize his claim. “You know that I hate this stupid job just as much as you do.”

“No you don’t.”

Raymond glared at me. “You’re right. I can’t even compete with your level of hatred towards absolutely everything.”

I shrugged. “I don’t blame myself. It’d happen to anybody who’s been through this.”

“You’re impossible.”

“This is when you leave.”

Raymond stood up in a start, unable to control his anger. “It’s clear you don’t value your own life, pal. But I know someone else you do care about.”

I shook my head. “I have no one left to love.”

“Try me.”

There was shuffling behind the door. Raymond turned to unlock it. The door flew open to reveal two heavily armed guards, their arms firmly secured around the wrists of a young girl around the age of 15. Her clothes were ripped and tattered, her hair in a flurry, and her twig-like arms covered in grime. I couldn’t see her face until she looked up at me with her big, beautiful ocean blue eyes.

I stifled a scream. It was Rylen.

I’d almost believed she’d made it out. Three years since I’d left her, and she was still alive. That strong girl had lasted much longer than the other two. But she had finally been caught.

Rylen’s lips curled up into a sad smile; she knew that seeing me again seemed like a great thing but was only a disguise of the truth. She could die tonight, depending on what I wanted to keep: the message, or my sis.

Lose my sis, my heart breaks and I will regret my decision for eternity. Probably will end in suicide. Lose the message, Raymond and Co. take control of the plan, unleashes a surprise attack, and kills thousands. I really hate Raymond.

“You wouldn’t touch her. She is the last one,” I pleaded. “She is the only piece of my heart left.”

Raymond smiled. He knew he had cracked me. From his pocket, he grabbed a sharp silver dagger, tainted red with blood that had not been cleaned off of the blade, and fingered its hilt in from of me. “Ah, the Blood Dragon. Glorious name for a dagger, don’t you think?” he asked.

I recognized that knife. My eyes widened in fear, but I held my tongue.

“In fact, it is the same dagger which I used to kill both of your brothers while you watched helplessly!” Raymond added. He pointed the Blood Dragon at me, chuckling evilly. “I will admit, your siblings were strong. But it got much harder for them once they got separated.” Raymond looked at Rylen, who growled angrily. “You taught your little girl well. She survived for quite a while. But eventually, they all fell. One by one.”

He turned his head back to me, his heartless grin widening in glee at my predicament. “Wouldn’t it be just marvelous if the Blood Dragon finished its job?” he asked slyly.

My face flashed in anger. “I swear, I will use that knife to skewer your heart.”

“Now, now, Drake. Don’t get so angry. I know this is a lot to take in, but if you just give me what I need to know, she will not be harmed…”

Liar!” I leaped from my seat, no longer able to control my rage at the wretched man. “If I tell you the information, you’re just going to kill her anyways! You don’t care what I think! If there’s anyone who deserves to be killed by that stupid little knife, it’s you!

I lunged at Raymond, who was so stunned by my suddle reaction, that he could not move fast enough to outmaneuver my blind attack. In a single motion, I knocked Raymond to the ground, grasped the Blood Dragon from the palm of his hand, and thrust it into his stomach.

Both guards released their hold on Rylen as they reached for weapons. Rylen took this chance to unsheathe a sword from of the men’s backs and cleverly skewer the guards through the seams in their armor before they could even turn around. No wonder she had survived so long on her own. While Rylen removed the guards, I quickly released the Blood Dragon from Raymond’s chest and shot it into the nearby surveillance camera. The camera produced a steady buzzing and smashed onto the floor.

I turned around to see Rylen raiding weapons from the fallen guards. She looked up at me and smiled. For the first time in three years, there was nothing between us. We could be brother and sister again, just as it used to be. I ran up and gave her a huge squeeze.

Rylen laughed with joy and kissed my cheek. It didn’t feel right to exchange words; there were only bad stories to tell. We only hugged and laughed and smiled, preserving the brief moment of joy as long as we could.

Finally, I willed myself to let go. “I wish I could hold you longer, but we’ve got work to do,” I explained, “and you are not going to die today. Not on my watch.”

Rylen raised her eyebrows. “Oh, and you’re saying you might?” she questioned. “Not gonna happen.”

“I know.” I reassured her. “But just in case, I should share the information with you so that Sam will still get the message if I don’t make it.”

Rylen nodded understandingly. “What is it?”

“The cake is a lie.”

She looked so confused it made me laugh. “Don’t worry, Sam will understand the message. It has something to do with the portal gun he’s been working on.”

Rylen mouthed ‘oh’ and nodded her head as if that explained everything, even thought there was a half-hour long story behind that message. She shrugged. “Whatever. Let’s get out of here before someone notices what’s gone wrong.”

“Good idea,” I agreed, following her out of the room.

Raymond watched as we departed. His eyes fluttered open and closed as his heart came to a gradual stop.

“No… cake?”

Raymond took his final breath and his eyes closed for the last time.

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Blood Dragons and Cake

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